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Christopher Laursen's tweets

If you need a laugh it's right here... "Texts From Bennett | Bennett and I discuss dog bites." years 7 weeks ago
Mysterious Debris Crashes Through Plymouth Warehouse Roof « CBS Boston years 7 weeks ago
Seriously #AA #wtf is your problem!! $1000 + for round trip tickets home for Christmas?? Go screw!!! #milehigh style years 7 weeks ago
"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." — 7 years 7 weeks ago
Things that make you go hummm? South Carolina 4 block wide sink hole, Central America Volcano eruption, YouTube years 7 weeks ago
The Stealthy Candidate Bobby V!! MLB -- Red Sox have one of a kind in Bobby Valentine - ESPN years 7 weeks ago
PIC: Ben Affleck Shows Off Dolphin Tattoo - years 7 weeks ago
"Jeopardy- Greg Kihn Band" So, Greg Kihn is a wacky morning DJ in San Francisco right now... There really is no lower rung of the... — 7 years 7 weeks ago
Owning guns or stocking up on 7 days of food makes you a terrorist? Oh Rand your father must be so ashamed of you - "Rand Paul warns... — 7 years 7 weeks ago
UN says Syria has committed crimes against humanity years 7 weeks ago