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Christopher Laursen

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Christopher has been a student of the human condition for most of his life. He wears many hats here in Aspen. Helping to run a long time Film/Syndication Company Free Wheelin' Films. Hosting the Mid-day shift on KSPN under the name "Quinn", He's also a member of the Board of Directors for The Wheeler Associates.

Having traveled to nearly 30 countries from Pakistan to Switzerland and Egypt to the Chek Republic. He's lived in 13 states including every New England state and is a graduate of New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire and Arundel, England with degrees in Communications and English.

Chris made his way to the Rocky Mountains in March of 2008 after nearly 2 decades on the East Coast and in a short period of time found himself skiing, hiking and mountain biking the area with passion & enthusiasm. Chris finds himself walking through Aspen, Colorado with a smile on his face and a reignited passion for life only surpassed by the excitement of what lies ahead.

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