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10 Reasons to Visit Aspen During the Off-Season

Springtime in AspenSpringtime in AspenASPEN, CO - Spring in the Roaring Fork Valley isn’t quite like spring everywhere else: snow blankets the mountaintops, the red clay gets soggy with snowmelt, contractors and landscapers go to work on multimillion dollar home improvement projects, and locals – ready for a little rest and relaxation after a busy ski season - flee the off-season doldrums for warm, sunny destinations like the California coast, South France, Florida, and Las Vegas. Even the seasonal employees participate in the mass Aspen exodus. This is the time of year when Aspen’s streets are empty, with a number of hotels and restaurants boarding-up until June, when the summer travel season officially begins.

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2011-2012 Season Pass Pricing Announced

It's that time of year again when our cravings for snow are getting more urgent by the day. We find ourselves day dreaming of ripping fresh tracks on a blue bird day, and shredding our favorite line we said farewell to late last spring. And all in the same dream we look over at the thermometer as it reads a chilling 20 degrees, and SNAP, we're back to reality enjoying our final month of summer sunshine. So maybe it's not exactly time to get our first turns of the season in, but it's definitely time to start thinking about where we're going to do it. Aspen/Snowmass wants you to join them this upcoming season with great pass deals announced just last week. With plenty of options to choose, this article will help you decided which pass is right for you. Whichever pass you choose, heed this advice, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, saves the most money.

Brent Harkins Dropping CliffsBrent Harkins Dropping Cliffs

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A Playday on Buttermilk Mountain: Skiing in Aspen Co

Top of Buttermilk Mountain!!Top of Buttermilk Mountain!!Aspen, CO - I know the Winter is over and play-days on the hill are coming to an end, but I wanted to be sure to share with my fellow snow lovers a little bit of my Buttermilk Mountain experience in Aspen, CO and also spread the word for those of you thinking of heading to Aspen next Winter!

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Advanced/Expert Skiers: Skiing Aspen Highlands

Home to some of the steepest bowl skiing in Colorado, Aspen Highlands has long been a favorite of Roaring Fork Valley locals for a number of reasons.

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Advanced/Expert Skiers: Skiing Snowmass

Larger than the other three Aspen ski areas combined, Snowmass has a well-deserved reputation as an intermediate skier’s paradise. Look beyond the manicured cruiser runs of the Big Burn and Elk Camp, however, and you will find that Snowmass has some of the best and most varied expert terrain in Colorado.

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Aspen Day Trips: Penny Hot Springs

Penny Hot SpringsPenny Hot SpringsFor centuries, Colorado’s geothermal hot springs have enjoyed an almost mythical reputation for medicinal rejuvenation. The Rocky Mountain region is speckled with a handful of world-famous hot springs, many within a day’s driving distance of Aspen.

Glenwood Springs, forty miles from Aspen at the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River, is home to the mammoth, 2-block long Hot Springs Pool. However, many visitors to Aspen do not have to drive the whole way down valley to bath in steamy and soothing mineral waters.

Penny Hot Springs is located in the breathtaking scenery of the Crystal River Valley, between Carbondale and Redstone. Spending an afternoon splashing around in Penny Springs is an unforgettable and sublime experience.

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Aspen Golf: A Guide to the Golf Courses of Aspen, Colorado

High Altitude Golf at the Aspen Golf Club, Photo by Keith BarnholtHigh Altitude Golf at the Aspen Golf Club, Photo by Keith Barnholt ASPEN, CO -In the last twenty years, the golf scene in the Roaring Fork Valley has gained nationwide prominence with the addition of exciting new courses with provocative challenges. However, this was not always the situation. There was a time in the 1970s and 1980s when the only course in Aspen was the Aspen Golf Club, notoriously frequented by a rowdy crowd more focused on imbibing adult beverages than chalking in a serious round. That era has passed, to some degree. Nowadays Carbondale and Glenwood Springs have attracted affluent retirees from around the country for private golf and fly fishing clubs, rustic residential communities, and an active four-season lifestyle of Rocky Mountain fun. Arnold Palmer is known to spend Christmas skiing at Snowmass , so the region can stake claim to some sort of atmospheric magnetism for golfers.

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Aspen Hiking: Smuggler Mountain

The view of Aspen from the top of Smuggler MountainThe view of Aspen from the top of Smuggler MountainDuring the peak of Aspen’s silver boom, the world’s largest silver nugget was mined out of Smuggler Mountain’s shadowy innards. The nugget had a weight of 2,054 pounds and was estimated to have a consistency of 93 percent pure silver. Unfortunately for the prospectors, the silver jackpot occurred a year too late; the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was repealed by Congress in 1893, significantly diminishing the value of the precious metal. The mine closed in 1918, ending the town’s silver era and ushering in a pre-skiing period known as “The Quiet Years.”

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Aspen Hiking: The Ute Trail

A hiker in awe-struck contemplation at the top of the Ute TrailA hiker in awe-struck contemplation at the top of the Ute Trail
ASPEN -In the 1879, the U.S. Army chased the native Ute Indians away from their ancient hunting grounds in the Roaring Fork and Crystal River Valleys to make way for settlement and mining. However, before exiting Colorado for the rugged deserts of Utah, the Ute are rumored to have placed a curse on the Western Slope, mystically bewitching the land while handing it over to the white man and decrying the region would never make him truly happy. This old tidbit of Wild West folklore is occasionally applied to ski bums who take a semester off from college or med school for a winter with the intentions of going back but end up staying in the Roaring Fork Valley for 50 years trying to slap together a career as a bartender, barista, or lift operator. I’ve even heard the term referenced to overzealous developers and real estate agents pimping magnificent multimillion-dollar estates on once-sacred land who abandon their principles in the covetous process of building, buying, land acquisition, and ego conquest.

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Aspen Hotels: The Top 10 Aspen Pool Scenes

Summer is here and the living is easy. We’ve assembled a list of 10 magnificent Aspen swimming pool scenes where one can unwind, revitalize, and refresh in heavenly waters.

The St. Moritz Pool in Aspen, ColoradoThe St. Moritz Pool in Aspen, ColoradoKicking back poolside and taking a plunge into the deep end is a touchstone of many summer vacations. Yet Aspen’s high alpine pool scene doesn’t quite capture the traveling public’s imagination like the glitzy, anything-goes sizzle of Las Vegas casino pool parties, the rooftop pools of Rio de Janerio, or the seductive palm-fringed hideaways in Southern California and Miami. Perhaps it is because Aspen is mythologized exclusively as a cold weather ski destination rather than a place to sport swimwear, drape a beach towel, and spend an afternoon floating in the water.

While the pool scene in Vegas and Miami is hardly under-the-radar, Aspen’s pool scene is one of its best-kept summer secrets.