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Winter X-Games 15 in Aspen Co!!!!

X Games Jump Ramp at the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!: Amazing X Games Jump Ramp at the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!: Amazing "Big Air" jump set-up near the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!Aspen, CO -The X-Games are coming! The X-Games are coming!!
Yup it's once again that time of year when the EXTREME sportsmen & sportswoman of the world head to Aspen, Colorado to show off there skills while entertaining our wide eyes at the same time!! This year is the 10th year in a row that the games are being held in Aspen!! Those of you who have attended the X-Games in the past know the excitement and energy that pours into Aspen this time of year so for those of you who haven't attended... GET YOUR GEAR ON AND GET READY FOR THE ENERGY!!!

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The College X Pass Returns: $39 lifts During ESPN Winter X Games 15

Keystone, CO - The College X Pass returns to Aspen/Snowmass this January 27-30th, bringing college students $39 dollar all-mountain access during the ESPN Winter X Games. Temple University Snowboarding Club Meeting: A TUSC meeting discussing possible locations for one of our annual epic tripsTemple University Snowboarding Club Meeting: A TUSC meeting discussing possible locations for one of our annual epic trips

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Sitting Around in Aspen Co Waiting for Rufus Wainwright to Call

Rufus Wainwright: The Artist at WorkRufus Wainwright: The Artist at WorkAspen, CO - Truthfully, I wasn’t really waiting; I was more anticipating. It was a quiet, overcast winter afternoon, dark sky, bright snow, and I was already settled down for the day. Any staring at the phone was my own choice, afraid I’d miss the call because the ringer was on vibrate and not train whistle, or that I’d miscalculated the time change in Aspen, Colorado and shouldn’t have gone in search of coffee without my cell phone. Past experience has taught me that a watched phone never rings but lo and behold, at 3:47 p.m., Eastern Time, the train whistle started blowing. It was Rufus on the line with a friendly, drawn out “Hiiiiiii!”

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What’s New This New Year in Aspen/Snowmass

Keystone, CO - For many, the new year signifies change and progress. Holding on to the tried and true from previous years and improving on lessons learned over the past 365 days. So what’s new for Aspen/Snowmass this New Year? Well, to put it simply, A LOT! Aspen has dedicated $138 million dollars to improving the guests’ on-mountain experience over the last seven years. During that period, Aspen has added nine new lifts, two state of the art gondolas, a 12-foot halfpipe, new dining and shopping experiences and the fantasy filled Tree House Kids’ Adventure Center. Here’s the scoop on a few upgrades for the 2010-2011 season at Aspen/Snowmass.

Highland Bowl in Aspen CoHighland Bowl

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Slaughtering Excuses - Staying fit in Aspen: Part II: “But, I don't have any fancy equipment!”

Aspen, CO-

Fancy equipment? For what? Unless you're an aspiring body builder or power lifter, the main things you need are both weightless and free:
A goal – to establish your desired end in explicit terms (lose 20lbs, improve endurance, gain strength). More specific equals more prepared.
Motivation – the enabling factor allowing you to achieve the stated goal (which includes your research of the means: what to physically do, how to eat, etc.).

This edition, which focuses on alternatives to costly gym equipment, will give you the tools to attain general fitness, or even become a functionally fit machine – depending only on what you bring to the table in terms of the two critical factors mentioned above.

All equipment found on the following pages can either be used in public for free, easily built, or inexpensively purchased. Enjoy.

--->Be sure to check out Part I if you missed it<---

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Turkey Chili That’ll Keep You Going, On and Off the Aspen Slopes

Keystone, CO - Whether you’re on a ski vacation or you call these mountains your home, after a long day of skiing we all need a, “stick to your ribs” kind of meal that warms you up and reenergizes your body. Winter activities can be physically taxing. The average person burns around 400 calories per hour skiing, making it extremely important to eat well when you’re shredding the slopes. Here’s one of my favorite healthy, hardy winter recipes that is quick to prepare and sure to satisfy.

Madison Cooking Up a Storm - Aspen ChiliMadison Cooking Up a Storm