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Hotel Lenado

Say the name “Lenado” to a seasoned Aspenite and they’ll point to the hills over Red Mountain. Lenado is a sleepy, high-alpine ghost town snuggled into a grove of snowy pine trees in the hills and canyons east of Aspen. During Lenado’s boom years, about 300 miners lived in a camp seeking fortunes in lead and zinc ore.

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Information About is finally back! I have included a little bit of info about the site below. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what is available but I encourage you to take a few minutes and check out the site for yourself!

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The Regal

The Aspen scene operates on a relatively simple daily timeline. Wake up, eat breakfast, ski until 4:00 pm, grab a slope side après ski libation, relax and socialize in the hotel hot tub before dressing to impress and heading out on the town for dinner and a little late night partying.

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Liquid Sky and Junk

In 1982, Russian film director Slava Tsukerman directed and released a colorful and erratic sci-fi film about space aliens migrating to New York City to prey on human endorphins. The film, titled Liquid Sky, became a midnight movie phenomenon, as well as a cult classic to many left-of-cool cinephiles.

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The Inn at Aspen

Guests to Aspen seeking the convenience of slope-side lodging, but lacking the vacation expense account of a Fortune 500 CEO should strongly consider staying at The Inn at Aspen. The Inn has a scenic dream location at the base of Buttermilk Mountain, making this ResortQuest property a great accommodation option for skiers, golfers, and adventurers seekers.

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"These Days" Falling Down!!

These Days I find it hilarious that no matter how beautiful and how peaceful this area is people "Fall Down" ya know what I mean? They lose it! They unravel! I awoke this morning to an incredible morning. the sun high in the sky finally. The mountains so white and outlined by the great rocks peaking through them were picturesque.