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Aspen Fashion Week Round Up: Hedonism and Haute Couture

Never doubt Aspen’s ability to feast on issues of vanity, even amidst a crippling national recession. “Aspen” –as an idea– is elevated in the American public’s imagination as the self-actualized pinnacle of the American Dream. This remote mountain retreat of soaring peaks, powdery slopes, and wide-open skies righteously touts Gatsby-like success and excess, be it après-ski soirees or outrageous real estate prices. Valentino and Lisa Johnson at Aspen Fashion Week: valentino-lisa-johnson-aspen-fashion-weekValentino and Lisa Johnson at Aspen Fashion Week: Need more proof? Take a walk past the chichi shoe, fur, and handbag boutiques with easily mispronounced French and Italian names.

Designer-thread retailers are big business in Aspen, a town eponymous for international self-trumpeting festivals and celebrity charity events. Thus, it was merely time and starry-eyed destiny before the fashion world descended on Aspen with the good intentions of hosting an “official” winter fashion week.

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The Slow Food movement has a robust presence in Aspen, thanks to superstar chefs with industry pull utilizing farm fresh and local ingredients. The core philosophy of Slow Food is mindfully grown produce and livestock that is raised and cultivated with as little environmental impact as possible.

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The New York Times Does Aspen and Other Sordid Tales

It would not be fair to say the New York Times scorns all successful people.

The Times likes rich people as long as they are not having fun; are in trouble; or doing something for unfortunate folks far, far away.

But that presents them with a dilemma: What to do about Aspen?

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Aspen by the Numbers

March 8, 2009

Aspen by the Numbers.

Year round residents of the Aspen area are older, richer, whiter, more masculine and a heck of a lot more liberal than their fellow residents of Colorado and the United States.

So let’s look at the Aspen area by the numbers:

Pitkin County has 15,106 residents. 97 percent are white. 1.4 percent are asian. .7 percent are black. And 8.2 percent are Hispanic. If you noticed this adds up to way more than 100 percent, that is because Hispanic is an ethnic group, not a race. So they can get counted twice.

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Takah Sushi

A longtime favorite of locals and tourists alike, Takah Sushi occupies a prime basement location on the Aspen mall at 320 South Mill Street, on the corner of Mill Street and Cooper Avenue.

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