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A Finer Vintage of Apres Ski at Aspen Highlands

Enjoy some champagne with that champagne powder. At the base of Aspen Highlands , the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club hosted a holiday open house, just in time for opening day, fresh snow, sun and wind and a welcome to winter.

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Aspen Hotels: Aspen Meadows

Without drifting into flowery hyperbole or bogus profundity, the key word to summarize the Aspen Meadows resort is “escape.” The resort is a retreat in the truest sense of the word. Secluded on 42 acres in Aspen’s West End, the Aspen Meadows a full service resort for the ultimate pastoral getaway. A bon fide mountain Shangri-la, the Aspen Meadows reduces the loud and cacophonous the distractions of the outside world to a barely audible whisper.

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Aspen Hotels: The Top 10 Aspen Pool Scenes

Summer is here and the living is easy. We’ve assembled a list of 10 magnificent Aspen swimming pool scenes where one can unwind, revitalize, and refresh in heavenly waters.

The St. Moritz Pool in Aspen, ColoradoThe St. Moritz Pool in Aspen, ColoradoKicking back poolside and taking a plunge into the deep end is a touchstone of many summer vacations. Yet Aspen’s high alpine pool scene doesn’t quite capture the traveling public’s imagination like the glitzy, anything-goes sizzle of Las Vegas casino pool parties, the rooftop pools of Rio de Janerio, or the seductive palm-fringed hideaways in Southern California and Miami. Perhaps it is because Aspen is mythologized exclusively as a cold weather ski destination rather than a place to sport swimwear, drape a beach towel, and spend an afternoon floating in the water.

While the pool scene in Vegas and Miami is hardly under-the-radar, Aspen’s pool scene is one of its best-kept summer secrets.

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Aspen, Colorado Hotels: 10 Cheap Hotels and Affordable Winter Accommodations in Aspen, Colorado

Newsflash: Aspen, Colorado is expensive. The Limelight LodgeThe Limelight LodgeAs many ski vacationers discover whiling planning an Aspen winter getaway, cheap places to bunk up in America's priciest and poshest ski town are few and far between. Most vacationers cope with this bittersweet reality long before touching down at the Pitkin County Airport, usually while booking hotel or airline reservations. Nonetheless, the savvy and penny wise ski traveler may be surprised by the diverse array of relatively affordable hotels, motels, condos, and ski lodges for a comfortable, warm, and restful slumber. Like finding a fistful of quarters between sofa cushions, one just has to know where to look and book.

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Historic Aspen Bed & Breakfast: The Snow Queen Lodge

There was a day when the town of “Aspen” as we know it was known as Ute City and the silver dynamited out of the hills was much more valuable than a timber and stone McMansion-lodge with alpine-views, Jacuzzis, and a heated driveway on Red Mountain. Aspen’s ski and tourism-era building boom has resulted in a plethora of development up and down the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Hotel Aspen

Metaphorically speaking, the art of picking a hotel is a lot like dissecting jazz. Listening to jazz involves identifying the variations of a melody’s strain while vetting a stratum of harmonies and an intricate pattern of rhythms.

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Hotel Jerome

The Hotel Jerome has a storied past in Aspen’s history, starting from its opening on Thanksgiving Eve in 1889. Built by Macy’s Department Store magnate Jerome B. Wheeler during the town’s silver mining boom, the Hotel Jerome put Aspen on the map of leisure and luxury destinations in North America.

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Hotel Lenado

Say the name “Lenado” to a seasoned Aspenite and they’ll point to the hills over Red Mountain. Lenado is a sleepy, high-alpine ghost town snuggled into a grove of snowy pine trees in the hills and canyons east of Aspen. During Lenado’s boom years, about 300 miners lived in a camp seeking fortunes in lead and zinc ore.

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L'auberge d'Aspen

Remember when you were in college and you piled into your roommate’s VW van with a stash of booze and ski gear, setting out to drive 14 hours straight across the Mid-West plains to Aspen for a ski weekend?

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Limelight Lodge

Almost everything about the Limelight Lodge is brand spanking new: the lobby, the crackling fireplace, the furnishings, the rooms, the pool, the spacious suites, the windows with spectacular vistas of Aspen Mountain and Independence Pass. Despite the Limelight’s sparkling fresh veneer, one aspect remains unrepentantly old fashion: a 50-year tradition of friendly family service.