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"It's RUMMAGE Time!!"

Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale."American Gothic" print for $25.00!Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale - American Gothic print for $25.00! ASPEN,CO I'm what many people call "thrifty"... not because I'm cheap but rather because I'm a regular at thrift stores, yard sales and especially the yearly Minturn Rummage Sale. "Why?" Well I think it's ridiculous to pay full price for anything and because Eagle County, as well as the surrounding areas, have quite a few places to find the coolest, trendiest, classiest AND least expensive clothing, antiques, shoes, household goods, furniture and just about everything else I might need on this journey through life, at an extremely cost efficient price!

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"These Days" Falling Down!!

These Days I find it hilarious that no matter how beautiful and how peaceful this area is people "Fall Down" ya know what I mean? They lose it! They unravel! I awoke this morning to an incredible morning. the sun high in the sky finally. The mountains so white and outlined by the great rocks peaking through them were picturesque.

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10 Reasons to Visit Aspen During the Off-Season

Springtime in AspenSpringtime in AspenASPEN, CO - Spring in the Roaring Fork Valley isn’t quite like spring everywhere else: snow blankets the mountaintops, the red clay gets soggy with snowmelt, contractors and landscapers go to work on multimillion dollar home improvement projects, and locals – ready for a little rest and relaxation after a busy ski season - flee the off-season doldrums for warm, sunny destinations like the California coast, South France, Florida, and Las Vegas. Even the seasonal employees participate in the mass Aspen exodus. This is the time of year when Aspen’s streets are empty, with a number of hotels and restaurants boarding-up until June, when the summer travel season officially begins.

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2009 Food & Wine Classic: Aspen Hotel reviews

Summer in Aspen is tantamount with a litany of high profile festivals and events, including the venerable Food and Wine Classic. This year’s festival on June 19, 20, and 21st will mark the event’s 27th annual gathering in Aspen. The Food & Wine Classic has been flambéed in the public’s imagination as a fairytale-like experience of beautiful people and fantastic flavors from around the globe. The storied event has become the crème de le crème of luxury lifestyle events in Aspen and has garnered status as one of the world’s premiere culinary festivals. After all, contestants on Top Chef, The Bravo Network’s fashionable food-porn reality show, compete for a trip and showcase at the June culinary convention in Aspen, amongst other goodies.

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A Green Day on the Hill - St Patrick's Day in Aspen

Today started out like any other beautiful, flawless i.e. cloudless day in the mountains. I’d moved my bed back near the window last night, after trying to rearrange the furniture and create a new vantage point from which to awaken each day. Feng shui or hogwash, my bed intimidates me when it faces east; it’s only dream-worthy when I awake to the sun shining through the Northern window.

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A Wonderful "Bad Day" Hiking to Cathedral Lake

The view as I neared the end of the hikeThe view as I neared the end of the hikeASPEN, CO -My 1989 Chevy groaned with effort as I coaxed it past the locals pedaling their bikes up Castle Creek Road. It was only slightly easier to pass the roller skiers pushing themselves up the steep road. As one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s newest locals, I still marvel at the athletic abilities of the other residents. Turning onto a dirt path, I bounced the rest of the way to the Cathedral Lake trailhead. I found a place to park amongst several other vehicles, jumped out of my truck, and immediately smelled the pile of dog poop my foot sank into. Wiping it off as well as I could, I arranged my backpack and enthusiastically began my way up the path. After about two minutes I realized that I had forgotten my book, so I turned back to get it. “Well this is off to a great start,” I thought sarcastically. Finally I had all of my gear, the smell had mostly disappeared from my shoe, and I was able to enjoy the scenery as I hiked up the path.

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Aspen Beetle Haters: Fight the Power!

No. No. No. No. No.

People who want to stop the beetles from destroying the forests of Aspen first have to fight a pest even bigger and more obnoxious. More determined. Maybe even smarter: Environmentalists.

So let’s start with a reality check:

1) Enviros are crazy.

2) Enviros in and out of Aspen are controlling what happens to the beetles.

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Aspen by the Numbers

March 8, 2009

Aspen by the Numbers.

Year round residents of the Aspen area are older, richer, whiter, more masculine and a heck of a lot more liberal than their fellow residents of Colorado and the United States.

So let’s look at the Aspen area by the numbers:

Pitkin County has 15,106 residents. 97 percent are white. 1.4 percent are asian. .7 percent are black. And 8.2 percent are Hispanic. If you noticed this adds up to way more than 100 percent, that is because Hispanic is an ethnic group, not a race. So they can get counted twice.

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Aspen Drowning in Forbes Real Estate Story.

We repeat the old joke – now at the expense of Forbes Magazine: How do you make a small fortune in Aspen real estate?

Start with a large fortune.

There is no other way to explain the recent Forbes article alternatively headlined “Why Aspen Prices Holding Up” or “Why Prices Are Up in Aspen.”

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Aspen Enviro Conference: Stop the Insanity!

The private jets are gone. The Aspen Environmental Conference is over. But the lunacy lingers on.

Luckily for us, we have some bloggers -- unschooled in Anthony Robbins NLP intellectual cloaking -- to tell us what really happened at this internationally known conference. We caught at least two of them telling the truth.