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Day Trips

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Day Trips: Redstone and Marble

The Roaring Fork Valley, by anyone’s estimation, is a scenic wonder, with towering peaks, verdant forests and bucolic meadows. But as anyone who has ever visited the Maroon Bells can tell you, the side valleys in this area can be even more spectacular.

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Day Trips: Rifle Falls and Rifle Gap

Located about an hour and a half from Aspen, the town of Rifle is home to two frequently overlooked state parks that provide a welcome getaway from the hordes who flock to the Roaring Fork Valley each summer. The first, Rifle Falls State Park, features a spectacular waterfall and interesting limestone caves set in a lush valley.

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Halloween Hauntings at The Hotel Jerome

Exterior of the hotelExterior of the hotel ASPEN, CO - October’s just around the corner. Cue changing leaves, frost wrapped mornings, and ghostly Halloween happenings. In light of my love of dressing the part, Halloween is one of my favorite festive stretches of the year. I say stretches because I delegate the entire month of October to costume construction, zombie crawls and eerie encounters. This year, I plan to check out a few haunted hotels that boast credible reputations for supernatural incidents. At the top of my list: the Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

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Highway 82 Bypass #2: Snowmass Summer Route to the Midvalley

Let’s say you’re staying at a condo in Snowmass Village. You’ve been to just about every restaurant on the mall or at the base area, and you’re tired of trekking into Aspen and paying an arm and a leg to eat dinner there. Or maybe you just want to shop at a decent-sized grocery store for a change.

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Hot Springin' in the High Country

Hot Springs - Spa of the Rockies Athletic Club: The Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa has what you needHot Springs - Spa of the Rockies Athletic Club: The Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa has what you needGLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO - Stress! Stress! Stress!
That seems to be what I hear coming from many peoples mouth's these days. To be honest, as of late it has surely wreaked enough havoc on my own life to have pushed my mind to the point where it finally decided to scream for "Help and I finally decided to listen. It was time to find some Serenity... Now!

Thankfully I'm well aware of how fortunate I am to live where I do. During these times of stress I'm truly blessed with plenty of options to de-stress my mind, body and spirit if I choose to take part. It's the "choosing to take part" that I have a hard time with quite often unfortunatly! I can make all kinds of excuses to NOT do the things that will help me in a positive manner but today I allowed myself to remember that I am deserving of partaking in the goodness that is life. I reminded myself that I am a work in progress and allowed myself to relish in what this part of the country, that I get to call home, has to offer and I did that by opting to take a friend up on her offer to drive us over to Glenwood Springs and spend a little time soaking our worries away in the "Hot Spring Pools". What a GREAT decision!

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How About Some Memorial Day Skiing at Aspen Mountain?

Aspen, CO - If you haven't had your full season powder fix by May, don't sweat it. Aspen Mountain will be open for skiing and riding this Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30. Due to the massive snowfall and chilly temperatures this spring, the mountain has sustained a 71 inch base up top.

Memorial Day Skiing 2008 : Photo by Jeremy SwansonMemorial Day Skiing 2008 : Photo by Jeremy Swanson

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Matt at His Best: writer steals the show at Winter X Games 15

Winter X Games pull-up competition Aspen ColoradoAspen, CO-

Well, stole the show for those who enjoy pull-ups more than extreme snow-sports, at least. Ever since I saw the iconic leg-lamp from the timeless movie classic A Christmas Story, and the exaltation that it brought its proud owner, I had longed for my own major award (Scene in question). This year, I'd get my chance. But it would take more than knowing the name of the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse; this was going to require a feat of strength.

The task: complete more pull-ups than all competitors of the day.
The stakes: one limited-edition Navy / X Games snowboard.

I found out about the the Navy Seal's Winter X Games pull up event five days prior to showtime. I got strategic, and planned two workouts to cram into my limited prep time. First, I had to hop on the bar and see where I stood: twenty three, and a little sloppy. I expected the contest to require strict dead-hang form (which it did), so I knew there was work to be done.

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Pass the Appreciation

Aspen, CO - If you're just as shocked as I am that August has snuck up on us again, I'm sure you'll be just as eager to take full advantage of the remaining days of summer too. The snow has finally given way to trails on those big mountain climbs we've all be waiting for, and the mountain bike trails are ripping faster than ever. Aspen/Snowmass wants to say thank you to all you 2010-2011 season passholders and 2011 full summer passholders, that have been taking advantage of the summer by dishing out a free bike haul pass and Snowmass Gondola RIde on Saturday, August 13th.

Rider by Jeremy SwansonRider by Jeremy Swanson

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Skiing the Shrines of Aspen/Snowmass - A Conversation with Author and Shrine Expert David Wood

The Jerry Garcia Shrine - Photo by David WoodThe Jerry Garcia Shrine - Photo by David WoodThe first time I accidentally stumbled upon the Jerry Garcia shrine on Aspen Mountain, I felt as if I discovered a secret garden of pop culture iconography while skiing through a snowy and psychedelic Xanadu. While gliding in solitude through the peaceful tranquility of a forested ridge, I was not expecting to suddenly discover a grove of trees dangling with pictures, dried roses, memorabilia, and assorted miscellany of the legendary Grateful Dead front man. Thankfully, no one was within earshot because the odd discovery inspired a quiet Garcia refrain: “Going where the wind don’t blow so strange/Maybe up on some high cold mountain range.”

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Sound Bites: Food, Music and Entertainment around Aspen

It’s still kicking. A somewhat dreary, sleet-filled weather week is breaking into a winter storm warning – our favorite Weather Channel alert here in Aspen – and we could see some fresh, fluffy slopes by morning and just in time for the official last weekend of Aspen’s ski season.