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Day Trips

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"It's RUMMAGE Time!!"

Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale."American Gothic" print for $25.00!Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale - American Gothic print for $25.00! ASPEN,CO I'm what many people call "thrifty"... not because I'm cheap but rather because I'm a regular at thrift stores, yard sales and especially the yearly Minturn Rummage Sale. "Why?" Well I think it's ridiculous to pay full price for anything and because Eagle County, as well as the surrounding areas, have quite a few places to find the coolest, trendiest, classiest AND least expensive clothing, antiques, shoes, household goods, furniture and just about everything else I might need on this journey through life, at an extremely cost efficient price!

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Aspen Day Trips: Penny Hot Springs

Penny Hot SpringsPenny Hot SpringsFor centuries, Colorado’s geothermal hot springs have enjoyed an almost mythical reputation for medicinal rejuvenation. The Rocky Mountain region is speckled with a handful of world-famous hot springs, many within a day’s driving distance of Aspen.

Glenwood Springs, forty miles from Aspen at the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River, is home to the mammoth, 2-block long Hot Springs Pool. However, many visitors to Aspen do not have to drive the whole way down valley to bath in steamy and soothing mineral waters.

Penny Hot Springs is located in the breathtaking scenery of the Crystal River Valley, between Carbondale and Redstone. Spending an afternoon splashing around in Penny Springs is an unforgettable and sublime experience.

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Aspen Day Trips: Twin Lakes and Interlaken

Every time you drive over Independence Pass you see them, and each time you wonder what exactly they are. They’re the structures visible from Highway 82 on the far shore of the larger of the Twin Lakes, and with a little bit of driving and an easy hike or mountain bike ride, they make a great day trip from the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Aspen Vacation Day Trips: Glenwood Springs

Hot Springs PoolHot Springs PoolIf you live or play in Aspen, there are plenty of practical reasons to make the 40 minute trip down valley to Glenwood Springs: cheaper gas prices, a trip to Target or Wal-Mart for an inexpensive kitchen appliance, or a hassle-free and scenic mode of transportation to Denver or points west via Amtrak’s famous “California Zephyr” as it winds through a breathtaking alpine landscape and remote mountain passes.

Practicality aside, visitors to Aspen will find ample reasons to visit Glenwood Springs other than shopping at a discounted big box retailer or a quick petro fill-up after getting off I-70.

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Aspen Whitewater Rafting: An Overview of Rafting Trips on the Roaring Fork and Arkansas Rivers

Slaughterhouse Falls Just Below AspenSlaughterhouse Falls Just Below AspenIf you’ve never been on the river with a professional whitewater raft guide, there’s really only one part of the trip to mentally preparing for: bad humor that makes one smirk, then cringe:

What’s the difference between a raft guide and a large pizza?

A large pizza can feed a family of four.

What's the difference between a female raft guide and Bigfoot?

One's a big, hairy, stinky animal and the other is a mythical creature.

How can you tell if a raft guide is lying?

His mouth is moving.

What do you call a raft guide without a girlfriend?


You get the point. However, there’s nothing funny about the vital service a good raft guide provides to safely navigate you down a rocky river while you’re giggling in delight, screaming in white- knuckled fear, or clenching your paddle for a watery rollercoaster ride.

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Big Snow for a Big Week: Check Out the Aspen/Snowmass Ski & Snowboard Open, Presented By Skullcandy

Keystone,CO Aspen/Snowmass has been putting up big numbers on the board for snowfall this week. The recent storm cycle hit Aspen hard with upwards of 16 inches of fresh powder. Best news of all, it’s still snowing! Base depths are way above average, and are totaling 1-2 feet over last year’s numbers at this time.

Frank Shines Deep Powder Photo at Aspen MountainFrank Shines Deep Powder Photo at Aspen Mountain

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Buttermilk in Aspen: A Great Place to Learn How to Board or Ski

Learning to ski or snowboard is easy.

First, be under 21.Then slip, slide, tumble and bruise your way down the most difficult trail on the highest mountain you can find. Repeat eight hours a day, seven days a week until mommy and daddy’s money runs out or Christmas break is over.

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Day Trips: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We all know that Aspen has everything. That’s why you live or vacation here. Great skiing, great shopping, great music, great restaurants. Golf, hiking, mountain biking, rafting. There really isn’t much need to go anywhere else. Still, though, if you come to Colorado and just visit Aspen, you’re missing out on a lot of what makes the Centennial State so spectacular.

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Day Trips: Gateway Canyons Resort

Feel like doing something totally out of the ordinary this weekend? Car buffs as well as fans of BBQ and blues music might want to consider a trip to one of the least-visited but most scenic parts of western Colorado on Saturday, August 29, for great music, great food and an automobile museum that has to be seen to be believed.

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Day Trips: Highline Lake State Park

By now, most people in the Roaring Fork Valley are well aware of Fruita’s reputation as a first-class mountain biking destination. With miles of stellar singletrack and rides to suit any ability level, this small town in western Colorado has earned its place in the sun. It’s that very sun, however, that can make a trip to Fruita problematic.