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Aspen Beetle Haters: Fight the Power!

No. No. No. No. No.

People who want to stop the beetles from destroying the forests of Aspen first have to fight a pest even bigger and more obnoxious. More determined. Maybe even smarter: Environmentalists.

So let’s start with a reality check:

1) Enviros are crazy.

2) Enviros in and out of Aspen are controlling what happens to the beetles.

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Aspen Greens Turn a Lighter Shade of Pale.

You are an environmental group. You hate carbon footprints. At least from other people. You hate even more when punk-ass bloggers stomp on the carbon footprints that come from all the fossil fuel you burn whenever you travel to far away places to meet with your environmental buddies to complain about other folks creating carbon footprints.

To quote the great philosopher Karl Malden: “What will you do? What … will … you … do?”

Clout goes

Since 2005, about 800 undergraduate students have landed on the clout list for the Urbana-Champaign campus. It's unknown how many would qualify for entry on their own, but their acceptance rate is higher than average. For the 2008-09 school year, for example, about 77 percent were accepted, compared with 69 percent of all applicants.

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Hunter Thompson: Aspen Enough!

Hunter Thompson is dead. He killed himself 40 years ago when he figured out it was a lot easier being a circus clown with a typewriter, a bottle of bourbon and some drugs instead of being a writer. It just took a while.

So it is time for Aspen and everywhere else to give it a rest.

How many more people do we need to make the Thompson-inspired drunken/doped-up trudge to Woody’s before we all figure out he was just a drug addict with nothing more to say than ‘watch me as I get high.’

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The Geography of Justice: Aspen's Pitkin County Jail vs. Maricopa Tent City in Phoenix

Aspen, CO - If you're going to steal a car, do it in Aspen; only an amateur desert thief rolls the dice somewhere like Phoenix. There is a complex web of competing philosophies on the purpose of jail – punishment, rehabilitation, to deter, to preserve the rights of the innocent, or some hybrid – none of which I care to get into with any depth here; there are entirePhoenix, AZ - Inmates of the Maricopa Tent City Jail taking it easy, as usual. [photo by Nina Rehfeld] books devoted to the ethics of incarceration. No, I aim to point out a vast dichotomy that exists by comparing two nearly opposite institutions. Even while disagreeing on what constitutes just punishment, we can all recognize that the type imposed on a criminal may vary drastically depending on nothing more than location. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the geography of justice.