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Day Trips: Highline Lake State Park

By now, most people in the Roaring Fork Valley are well aware of Fruita’s reputation as a first-class mountain biking destination. With miles of stellar singletrack and rides to suit any ability level, this small town in western Colorado has earned its place in the sun. It’s that very sun, however, that can make a trip to Fruita problematic.

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Aspen Day Trips: Twin Lakes and Interlaken

Every time you drive over Independence Pass you see them, and each time you wonder what exactly they are. They’re the structures visible from Highway 82 on the far shore of the larger of the Twin Lakes, and with a little bit of driving and an easy hike or mountain bike ride, they make a great day trip from the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Highway 82 Bypass #2: Snowmass Summer Route to the Midvalley

Let’s say you’re staying at a condo in Snowmass Village. You’ve been to just about every restaurant on the mall or at the base area, and you’re tired of trekking into Aspen and paying an arm and a leg to eat dinner there. Or maybe you just want to shop at a decent-sized grocery store for a change.

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Day Trips: Redstone and Marble

The Roaring Fork Valley, by anyone’s estimation, is a scenic wonder, with towering peaks, verdant forests and bucolic meadows. But as anyone who has ever visited the Maroon Bells can tell you, the side valleys in this area can be even more spectacular.

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Day Trips: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We all know that Aspen has everything. That’s why you live or vacation here. Great skiing, great shopping, great music, great restaurants. Golf, hiking, mountain biking, rafting. There really isn’t much need to go anywhere else. Still, though, if you come to Colorado and just visit Aspen, you’re missing out on a lot of what makes the Centennial State so spectacular.

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Takah Sushi

A longtime favorite of locals and tourists alike, Takah Sushi occupies a prime basement location on the Aspen mall at 320 South Mill Street, on the corner of Mill Street and Cooper Avenue.