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Aspen's Calm Before the Storms

French films make me want to go the grocery store. The sumptuous rounds of fine cheese, fresh baguettes on the counter and a carafe of red wine, haphazardly placed on the wooden table in the doorway which looks out on the garden and the warm countryside. I’m hard pressed to find the warm garden but fortunately, City Market is one of the few places in Aspen still open a week this time of year.

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The Zen Zone: Yoga in Aspen

I took the craziest yoga class tonight. It blew my pretty darn open mind wide open, like hot-air balloon open. Convertible open. It was a head rush of openness. Actually, that was probably the hanging upside-down part.

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Tumbleweeds and Gourmet Cheese: Thanksgiving Comes Early to Aspen, Colorado

I just poured a raw egg on my head. The Russian hairdresser who cut my bangs told me that every conditioner, gel, hydrating treatment I’d ever tried on my curly, arid hair is the same as every other: all filled with chemicals. Not exactly a news flash, but pretty honest for a hairdresser with products to sell. I myself am Russian, way back when, so I think I reminded her of her family tree.

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Medical Marijuana: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Josh Griggs, co-owner of Ute City Medicinals, Aspen’s third and latest medical marijuana dispensary, runs up the stairs and shakes my hand. “Sorry we’re a little late,” he says, with a chuckle: “It’s just the nature of our business!”

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Aspen Ruggerfest Brings Blood, Sweat and Beers

Crouch. Touch. Pause. Engage. And drink beer, preferably dark and most certainly plentiful: it’s important to stay hydrated during Aspen Ruggerfest. Guinness and Stout, two seasoned rugger Rottweilers, lay on the sidelines basking in the sunshine while Scott Poindexter from Colorado’s Harlequins walks by shaking his head.

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Everest Rocks: Music, Movie and Making a Difference Tonight at the Wheeler Opera House

Walk the walk, raise the funds and hike to the top of Mt. Everest for the world's highest rock concert: 20-year Aspen local Julie Lampton is always doing something rather exotic during off-season. Most recently, Lampton found a way to blend two of her greatest passions – music and exercise – and raise money for cancer research in a creative, high-altitude fashion.