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4th Annual Summit for Life - Inspirations, Personal Summits and a Big Celebration

This weekend marks the 4th Annual Summit for Life, spiritual brainchild of snowboarder and local Olympian Chris Klug. The event benefits the Chris Klug Foundation, dedicated to promoting lifesaving organ donation and improving the quality of life for donors, donor families, organ transplant candidates and recipients.

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The Aspen Powder Accumulation Situation

Winter has arrived. We had our doubts last week, when the sun was shining but the slopes were decidedly un-winter like, the kind of conditions which call for alternative sports equipment. When the snow’s kind of played out and nothing’s really open but it’s a really nice day and it’s just good to be outside, it’s a great time for alternative sports.

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Aspen Gone Wild: Just Say No to Drexting

The Wild West just got a little tamer. Not that Aspen has ever been the reckless, outlaw capital of Colorado but truly, curtailing the use of handheld electonics while driving around Aspen may well be the equivalent of asking Wyatt Earp and crew to surrender their weapons when they roll into town.

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Presenting the Viceroy, at Altitude

Ski in, ski out, wax on, wax off. Whether you’re headed out to grab first tracks and a snack to go from the new Nest Bar and Café, you're a guest at the hotel wrapping up the ski day or you’re a friend stopping by for a poolside drink, around the fireplace, the Viceroy Snowmass offers complimentary ski waxing while you’re enjoying the view.

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The Hickory House Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, an Aspen Community Tradition

There are any number of reasons to be away from home on Thanksgiving: the price of a plane ticket, the chances of actually getting to fly out of Aspen with said ticket, work, Opening Day, traffic, icy roads…and yet, being away from family and familiar traditions on Thanksgiving is decidedly unfamiliar for most.

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High Def Premiere of Snowmass' 2009 Colorado Freeride TV Show

Wouldn’t it be awesome to huck a cliff, miss your landing and fall on your head, lose both skis and break a pole, while the whole country is watching? Extreme athletes are soon to be Reality TV stars, with the November 22 premiere of the Colorado Freeride TV Show.