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Another Weekend, Another Snowstorm - Good News from Aspen, Colorado

Subject: I-70 Closed in Both Directions - Vail Pass
In case you were thinking of heading to Denver this weekend:
I-70 is closed in both direction at Vail Pass due to poor weather conditions and numerous accidents.

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A Green Day on the Hill - St Patrick's Day in Aspen

Today started out like any other beautiful, flawless i.e. cloudless day in the mountains. I’d moved my bed back near the window last night, after trying to rearrange the furniture and create a new vantage point from which to awaken each day. Feng shui or hogwash, my bed intimidates me when it faces east; it’s only dream-worthy when I awake to the sun shining through the Northern window.

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Challenge Aspen hosts IPC Alpine World Cup - Next Stop, the Paralympic Games in Whistler

Joe Tompkins shares the gloryJoe Tompkins shares the gloryThis weekend, the flame was lit and the games began, again. March 12th rekindled Vancouver, as almost 300 torchbearers ushered in the glow of the 2010 Paralympics Games, March 13-21. And just over a week ago, Challenge Aspen hosted nearly 120 competitors from 20 countries on the slopes of Buttermilk, for the last stop on the IPC Alpine World Cup Circuit.

* * *

“How’s the course?” asks Mudflap, lift operator extraordinaire and congenial mountain host, cooking up brats and award-winning chili at the base of Tiehack during the week’s unseasonably warm race days.

“Are you kidding? Living the dream,” says Challenge Aspen Competition Team Coach John McBride. “It’s a little soft today for ski racing, but for watching a ski race in the blazing sun? Perfect!”

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Aspen welcomes Third Annual Clicquot in the Snow

Ahh, Clicquot in the Snow…it sounds as festive as it tastes. Outside the Ritz Carlton Club’s Willow Creek, the snow began to fall while inside, the corks began to pop. The sound of a newly opened bottle of Veuve Clicquot is music to the ears but the sound of a 1985 Vintage Rose Clicquot? A whole symphony.

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Champagne, Rockslides and Rock and Roll: A Fine Time to be Stuck in Aspen

Some spent the evening sequestered in the splendor of the Viceroy, swilling champagne, savoring the flavor of Eight K’s menu samplings and cheering Jeff Bridges at Aspen Film’s Oscar Party in Snowmass; some friends and I opted for a quiet, cozy night at Markham’s Bar at the Hotel Lenado, where we kept the bartender company and rearranged the potted plants for better viewing of the bed and breakfas

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Igloos, Grass Skirts and Glory: An Inuit Gathering in Aspen

Block PartyBlock Party“Is that the same igloo you built last year?” Now, understandably, an igloo amidst apartment living is one of those mountain mysteries which provoke classic mountain questions, like “What happens to the moguls when summer comes?” and “What time do the Maroon Bells ring?” High noon, right? No, wait, that’s the fire siren in Aspen. Huh.

My friend Sam took the igloo question in stride because after a long day’s night at the Annual Igloo Celebration, no comment seemed too off-the-wall. Sam inherited igloo-mania from current friends and prior tenants; by taking over their apartment, he also pledged to gather helping hands and build an annual igloo, from the cross-country course up.