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The Best of Springtime in Aspen

Visiting a seasonal destination during the more subtle season is an advanced travel move, reserved for the more adventurous traveler seeking a more authentic cultural experience. You see people who cater to you during the on-season -teaching you skiing, pouring your wine or driving your raft shuttle, doing none of these things.

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Sound Bites: Food, Music and Entertainment around Aspen

It’s still kicking. A somewhat dreary, sleet-filled weather week is breaking into a winter storm warning – our favorite Weather Channel alert here in Aspen – and we could see some fresh, fluffy slopes by morning and just in time for the official last weekend of Aspen’s ski season.

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Aspen's Fond Farewell to Ski Season

And on the Eighth Day, Aspen rested. It was like that final scene in 3:10 to Yuma, or any true western, where town is quiet and breath is baited and all life is hidden from view. If Ben Wade hadn’t left that hotel with Dan the Rancher, nary a tumbleweed would have blow into those deserted mid-afternoon streets.

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Confessions from the Bread Aisle: The Perils of Passover in Aspen

Passover and Easter welcome spring in Aspen, sure as sudden snowstorms followed by random bouts of 50 degree sunshine. “Happy Easter” texted my friend Dave, spreading pastels and good wishes to friends everywhere.

“You mean Happy Passover. Hope you’re eating lots of leavened bread in my honor,” I texted back, feeling weak from lack of leavening.

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Downtown Aspen's Most Inspiring Corner of the World: Step into Dark Horse Alley

I’m enthralled by Alice in Wonderland; the lessons, the morals, the colors and the utterly random way that Tim Burton spins a yarn. Face your fears, dream the impossible (at least six times before breakfast), travel by hat and be true to yourself, no matter the era or dress code. I’m not sure I could have handled it all in 3-D; too much stimulation already.

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Words and Art and Aspen: A Portrait of Dasa Bausova, the Artist

Mixed media artist Dasa Bausova escaped from the Czech Republic and spent a year in an Austrian refugee camp, before finding her way to relatives in the Promised Land - Cleveland, Ohio - at age 16.