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Charlie MacArthur Brings Stand-Up Paddling Comes to Aspen's Riverways

Paddling around the WhitewaterPaddling around the WhitewaterASPEN, CO - Charlie MacArthur, Aspen’s all-around accomplished mountain man, has a new fascination. He’s taught kayaking for decades, and paddled first ascents through river waterways throughout both the Rocky Mountains and Hawaii; he’s taught telemarking, alpine skiing and snowboarding in Aspen and Snowmass for 27 years, and raced his surf ski through 36 miles of open ocean in the prestigious Hawaiian Moloka’i Channel Race. These days, he’s combining key elements of Nordic skiing, surfing and kayaking across Aspen whitewater, bringing the latest craze of stand-up paddling to local rivers, inviting locals and visitors to jump aboard.

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First Lady of the 14er's: Aspen's Christy Mahon, Her Majesty of the Mountains

Aspen, CO local Christy Mahon on Capitol, at lastMahon on Capitol, at lastASPEN, CO On May 16, 2010, long-time Aspen local Christy Mahon became the first woman and the seventh person ever, to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains, affectionately known as the Colorado 14’ers. It was a charmed last ascent, that final lap on Capitol, the mountain she’d been dreading the most. “Some tremendous skiers, like Chris Davenport, have skied Capitol and said it was one of the scariest things they’ve done,” says Mahon. “I remember thinking, am I good enough? Am I putting my partners at risk?”

She hiked the local Sunnyside trail last spring and gazed out at Capitol, with awe. “I had a little chat with the mountain. I said, ‘Hi Capitol, I’m Christy and I’m going to try and ski you this winter – if we could just get along for while, that’d be great.’”

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Family Fun around Greater Aspen, Colorado

Frolicking in the FoutainFrolicking in the Fountain ASPEN, CO- It’s the most glorious summer in Aspen in years. There’s a slight smattering of clouds and only trace elements of the usual afternoon showers; this summer, the theme has been hot temperatures and thriving wildflowers, with the occasional puffy cloud adding a splash of texture to the endless blue horizon. Choose Aspen for a multi-faceted, adventurous and thoroughly engaging family vacation, with activities, sights and sounds to appeal to a span of ages and interests.

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Aspen Summer Words in Review: Just Some of Many Highlights from the Aspen Writer's Foundation

Author Kathryn StockettAuthor Kathryn StockettASPEN, CO -“That brook is…so loud. I can’t hear myself read,” said a student, just a little loudly, during the poetry workshop at AWF’s Aspen Summer Words. That pesky brook, also known as the Roaring Fork River, was indeed babbling far below the terrace outside the Aspen Institute’s Doerr-Hosier Center, home to this year’s “Crossroads: A Literary Intersection of the American South.” Even more distracting may have been the perfect Mediterranean climate and the abundant summer hillsides; it was a cloudless week of blue skies and dry, light breezes, vastly different from climate and landscape of the American South.

Thursday, two young men from today’s New Orleans spoke on their lives, pre and post-Katrina, captivating the audience with first-person accounts of violence, devastation, upheaval and ultimately, renewal. “I think there’s no such thing as a bad writer,” said James Jones, aged 17; “ as long as you put your heart and soul into it, it’s gonna be good. My uncle taught me that I shouldn’t use downfalls in life as a crutch; I should use them to move ahead, and become even stronger. After Katrina, I got to talking a lot about souls.”

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The Aspen Institute presents Norm Gershman and Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in WWII

Norm Gershman at the Aspen InstituteNorm Gershman at the Aspen Institute ASPEN, CO -“I don’t take photos at things, I take photos of things,” says world-renown portrait photographer and humanitarian Norm Gershman, reflecting on his latest work, before a captive Aspen audience. “I don’t photograph war, destruction, murder…I photograph people. Good people. Many years ago, my wife and I were at dinner and she was talking about a horrible attack in Central Park the night before. I said to her, ‘You know what else happened last night? 3 million people made love. Which should we focus on?’”

Such is the hopeful outlook which fueled Gershman’s six year adventure and revolutionary new project, finding, photographing and documenting the stories of Muslims in Albania and Kosovo, who sheltered Jews from the Nazis during WWII. Gershman visited Aspen on Friday, June 18, as part of the Aspen Institute’s Fireside Chat series. The book is "Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in WWII" and is now available, world-wide, while the documentary film of the adventure, "God’s House", produced by the award-winning JWM Productions, is slated to be released in late 2011.

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The 7th Annual Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest: Spicy, Full-bodied Fun in the Aspen Snowmass Sun

Advanced Brew Festing - BYOPretzelsAdvanced Brew Festing - BYOPretzels ASPEN, CO -“Honey, you’ve got crumbs all over your lap,” said the woman to her companion, who was wolfing down a late-night slice at Goodfellas in Snowmass.

“Don’t worry,” he replied, matter-of-factly, the last of the pizza crust on his shirt. “When I stand up, they’ll all go away!”

Hard to argue with such micro-brew infused logic after a gorgeous summer evening of spicy chili, zesty hops and live music on the mountain. It was one of those magical summer weekends in the Aspen area, with strong and steady sunshine tempered only by the occasional floating cloud; no afternoon thunderstorms in sight. The 7th Annual Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest was the perfect reason to spend the better half of two days on Fanny Hill.