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Wanted: Aspen Assassin

In a town where parking spaces sell for $500,000, it is not clear why Elinor Dvir thought she could hire a killer in Aspen for $2000.

Especially since the person she allegedly wanted to murder – her ex-husband, Richard Nedlin – is an Aspen prosecutor.

But that is what a court informant and an undercover police office say she tried to do. And that is why last week she was arrested.

Whatever happened between these two former lovebirds is not yet clear. But after it went south, Dvir, an Israeli citizen, found herself spending almost two years in an immigration jail cell until she was released in 2007.

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Aspen Snow Job

Aspen concert promoters who want to cancel a show have millions of good reasons: Pine beetles. Global warming. Punishment for the 23 percent of us who voted for someone other than Barack Obama.

But one reason you cannot give is snow, as the oft-Grammy nominated bluegrass band Cherryholmes recently did when it opted out of its March 13 appearance at the Wheeler Opera House.

A refresher for those who need it: Snow is the reason people come to Aspen. No snow means no people.

Presumably when they booked their show the band knew that Aspen gets more than 10 feet of snow every year. Yes there was snow that weekend. Both on the ground and in the forecast.

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The New York Times Does Aspen and Other Sordid Tales

It would not be fair to say the New York Times scorns all successful people.

The Times likes rich people as long as they are not having fun; are in trouble; or doing something for unfortunate folks far, far away.

But that presents them with a dilemma: What to do about Aspen?

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Aspen by the Numbers

March 8, 2009

Aspen by the Numbers.

Year round residents of the Aspen area are older, richer, whiter, more masculine and a heck of a lot more liberal than their fellow residents of Colorado and the United States.

So let’s look at the Aspen area by the numbers:

Pitkin County has 15,106 residents. 97 percent are white. 1.4 percent are asian. .7 percent are black. And 8.2 percent are Hispanic. If you noticed this adds up to way more than 100 percent, that is because Hispanic is an ethnic group, not a race. So they can get counted twice.

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Bet You Did Not Know This About Buying a Home in the Aspen Area.

Aspen is full of cops and cooks and doctors and lawyers. They might not live in the city limits in $5 million houses, but they do live close by – close enough to own their own homes.

And far enough from the big city to qualify for a federal home loan program that real estate experts say is the least known but best value mortgage program in America today: The Rural Development Loan program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Buttermilk in Aspen: A Great Place to Learn How to Board or Ski

Learning to ski or snowboard is easy.

First, be under 21.Then slip, slide, tumble and bruise your way down the most difficult trail on the highest mountain you can find. Repeat eight hours a day, seven days a week until mommy and daddy’s money runs out or Christmas break is over.