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Aspen Enviro Conference: Stop the Insanity!

The private jets are gone. The Aspen Environmental Conference is over. But the lunacy lingers on.

Luckily for us, we have some bloggers -- unschooled in Anthony Robbins NLP intellectual cloaking -- to tell us what really happened at this internationally known conference. We caught at least two of them telling the truth.

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Aspen Pot Heads: Don't You Worry About a Thing.

Aspen druggies: Don’t you worry about a thing.

That’s because The Man in Aspen believes buying and selling drugs is not that big of a deal. At least if the city’s Police Policy and Procedures Manual is to be believed.

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Hunter Thompson: Aspen Enough!

Hunter Thompson is dead. He killed himself 40 years ago when he figured out it was a lot easier being a circus clown with a typewriter, a bottle of bourbon and some drugs instead of being a writer. It just took a while.

So it is time for Aspen and everywhere else to give it a rest.

How many more people do we need to make the Thompson-inspired drunken/doped-up trudge to Woody’s before we all figure out he was just a drug addict with nothing more to say than ‘watch me as I get high.’

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National Geographic Comes to Town. Carbon Follows.

You probably missed this story: 300 leaders of Alcoholics Anonymous met in Aspen to toast the New Year with copious amounts of champagne and single malt scotch.

Or the 300 Weight Watchers meeting in Aspen to gorge themselves senseless on brownies and hot fudge sundaes.

Neither really happened. But, even stranger, this did:
Three hundred environmentalists from around the world last week came to Aspen to spend three days complaining about people who are ruining the environment with huge carbon footprints from traveling to beautiful and remote places? Like Aspen.

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Aspen Greens Turn a Lighter Shade of Pale.

You are an environmental group. You hate carbon footprints. At least from other people. You hate even more when punk-ass bloggers stomp on the carbon footprints that come from all the fossil fuel you burn whenever you travel to far away places to meet with your environmental buddies to complain about other folks creating carbon footprints.

To quote the great philosopher Karl Malden: “What will you do? What … will … you … do?”

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Aspen Cougar Hunt?

Aspen cougars, for the time being, are safe.

Video of the local wild cats being stalked and hunted will not be showing up on Wild Kingdom any time soon.

But it appeared that way earlier this month when word got out that Aspen Entertainment Group was looking for locals to help with the production of its latest film “Cougar Hunting.”