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"These Days" Falling Down!!

These Days I find it hilarious that no matter how beautiful and how peaceful this area is people "Fall Down" ya know what I mean? They lose it! They unravel! I awoke this morning to an incredible morning. the sun high in the sky finally. The mountains so white and outlined by the great rocks peaking through them were picturesque.

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The Mountain Can Wait

The greatest thing about Aspen, Colorado is its innate ability to surprise you. The mystique of this town hangs heavy over your head whether you’re a local or just passing through for the week. The mountain stands tall and watches your every move.

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The 2009 Winter X-games were a huge success for the city of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and the state of rippers everywhere! There was, however, a record low attendance for Winter X here in Aspen, The lowest in five years. Some say it’s because of the economy, some say it was the rain, but for this fan it made for a perfect crowd and a spectacular event.