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Tattooing a moment in time at the "Ink Lounge" in Edwards, CO.

Ink Lounge Edwards, CO: Inside view of The Ink Lounge Edwards, CO: Inside view of The "Ink Lounge" located in Edwards, Co.Edwards, CO - So I recently had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with my step-daughter Courtney and her cousin Cassie. They came down from Alaska and having them with us was fantastic!
Most of our visits have taken place in the Mid-West, because it's sort of home-base and easier for lot's of family to get together all at once, but this journey was extra special due to the fact that we got to have 7 days with the “girls” all to ourselves! They are 18 and 19, so not really girls anymore, but from the perspective of a 39 and 40 year old they are still, and sadly for them always will be, girls to us.
During their visit we did lot's of things: Shopping in Aspen, swimming at the Glenwood Hot Springs, dining at Moe's BBQ, etc... but an extra special part of the visit for me came when the gals decided they wanted to mark a moment in time in the form of a tattoo. I almost couldn't believe my ears when the word tattoo was first mentioned! I myself had been longing to mark another moment of my own, but was now getting the opportunity to be a part of my step-daughters first, her cousins second while getting my third! Crazy man crazy...

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Time To Get Your Feet Wet: Aspen Area Resorts' Opening Dates

Keystone,CO Over the next month and a half, resorts all over Colorado will begin opening their doors to eager, snow hungry skiers and riders. Many resorts have been hit heavy with the past two day’s recent snowstorms making it even harder for us, powder hunters to sit still.

Live View from Aspen MountainLive View from Aspen Mountain

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Carnivale for a Cause: Cirque d’Aspen

By:Marissa D'Oraizo

Aspen,CO -- Whether you’re visiting for the Holidays or you live in Aspen year round, everyone can appreciate an outstanding artistic performance. What’s better? How about an outstanding artistic performance for a good cause? This holiday season, check out Cirque d’Aspen, running December 28th, 29th and 30th benefiting the Aspen Youth Center.

Cirque d’Aspen: Acrobats in ActionAcrobats in Action

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Where Aspen's History Lies: Ute Cemetery "Walking with the Dead" Tour

Dean of the Dead:  Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.Dean of the Dead: Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.ASPEN, CO - I couldn't pin it down right away; the vague sense of atmospheric recognition. Then it struck like lightning--this was the cemetery I knew as a child. Before the fallacy was shattered by visiting a real one, I'd pictured dense thickets of thin barren trees, overgrown vegetation climbing weathered tombstones, and graves scattered randomly over rolling hills. I had long since abandoned such youthful horror-fantasies, accepting the unspectacular reality of bright green, organized, well kept scraps of flat land as the places we store our dead. Yet there I stood, in front of a place not so loosely resembling what I thought to be a laid to rest misconception, lost in rambling thought. My “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery was yet to begin.

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Aspen's Conundrum Hot Springs: 18 Miles and 4 Courses

ASPEN, CO - This year marked my first adult birthday outside of Philadelphia's city life, and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. I’ve always loved hiking and camping, but I had never been on a backpacking, camping trip before. I decided my 24th birthday was as good a time as ever to take the trek. I asked around among friends and co-workers to get the dish on the some of their favorites. Over and over again, recommendations for the Conundrum Hot Springs hike in Aspen came pouring in, and I was sold.

Hot SpringsHot Springs

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MANTO'S PIZZA!! Some of the best pizza in Eagle County!

Chef Manto in the kitchen: Owner and  Chef Jay Manto working in the kitchen at Manto's PizzaChef Manto in the kitchen: Owner and Chef Jay Manto working in the kitchen at Manto's PizzaGypsum, Co - Attention all high country locals, as well as all fortunate folks traveling through our part of Colorado, there is a new hot spot in the area where pizza is the game and “MANTO'S PIZZA” is the name located at 106 Oak Ridge Court Gypsum, CO: 970-524-6266

What does this mean for those of us that live here in the hills? It means that we now have a new place to fill our bellies with yummy pizza shop delights!!! This is also fantastic news for those lucky folks flying in and out of the Eagle-Vail airport or Vail Valley Jet Center and heading to Aspen, Vail or anywhere in between!!