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The 2009 Winter X-games were a huge success for the city of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and the state of rippers everywhere! There was, however, a record low attendance for Winter X here in Aspen, The lowest in five years. Some say it’s because of the economy, some say it was the rain, but for this fan it made for a perfect crowd and a spectacular event.

So with the X-treme weather marring the already extreme nature of the games, there was a host of unexpected stuff that happened on and off Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen Colorado that week.

Local Snowboarding cutie and X-games Favorite Gretchen Bleiler came into the games with a great attitude despite battling the flu. However we’re not sure if it was the cold medicine or the out of body feeling that the flu was giving Gretchen that had her acting like a member of the World Wrestling Federation. Gretchen flipped, slammed, and crushed her way into the arms of The X-Games Medical staff by slamming her head onto the center of the 22 foot half-pipe. Being the trooper that she is, Gretchen bowed out gracefully letting ego fall to the wayside with a triple misty-like grace… but not after some serious bargaining with those holding the medical flashlight while asking her what day of the week it was and if she knew what she had for breakfast.

Other points of note were an anti-climactic double flip from sled head Levi Lavalle. He made the two rotations on his snowmobile but fell as the sled came crashing to the snow. From our point of view it seemed like Mr. “Double Flip” was all set with trying that one again and due to the fall his run did not count.

The Flying Tomato Shaun White was able to make X-Games history by being the first competitor to ever win the Men’s Snowboard Super-pipe finals back to back. There was some controversy near the end of the competition when some thought fellow shredder and pal Kevin Pearce had it all but locked up. We must note that the hoopla wasn’t caused by either boarder, but just a bunch of back seat boarding announcers who were probably half in the bag as it is…

Speaking of being half in the bag! Revelers were loving the festivities with live music from So-Cal punk rockers Pennywise (partaking in there own winter warmers up on stage) and Artist Santogold. There were festive cocktails, RAD chicks and tons of killer fun. The X-Games seems to always be more than just a competition. It’s a party. Some of the best party hosts were Redbull, The Aspen Daily News & the Oakley House (mansion) Party.

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