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Word to your Mother

Christopher Laursen's picture

Lots to learn even at my age! I can't believe I'm actually saying that "at my age" But there's something truely magical about a mother and her child... It doesn't matter if your skiing the mountains of Aspen Colorado or if your teaching your son to hit a baseball at a park around Lake harriet in Minneapolis... I've had the great pleasure to have a friend whos daughter is a dynamic 4 years old... sometimes going on 35. It's funny really, Children are so completely wise and full of great depth and talent but no sooner do you think they could take your car keys and run to the store for you do you find out that they need you... they really do need you for just about absolutely everything... Not only for food and such but they need your approval, your guidence, your wisdom and at times they need to see your anger or frustration!? Maybe that's not what it's called but they need you to crack the whip for their own good! If you don't put them on some kind of restriction or punishment for doing something that they obviously know is wrong for them to do then they won't respect you... It's amazing... It's like they test you for their own benefit... wise little munchkins aren't they? I call what my friend does with her daughter a dance... and I truely believe it to be one of the most beautiful displays of human life... Now, don't get be wrong there are plenty of parents who would much rather have their little monster at leash length and doing whatever the hell it is they want to do as long as they don't lose a finger... I don't see a lot of Children here in Aspen but I do find that the Children I do see encompass many types and many dispositions. It's the Mothers that really show their true colors while waltzing down the isle at City Market attempting to feed their little human by all means necessary. I learned today that 4 year olds get dehydrated and if it floats and they'll drink it... (adult beverages aside) then you get it in their little bodies at all costs! It's that simple. I've never thought about that kind of thing until recently, the basics of keeping a little creature alive... What? They need water? Oh yeah! Good God...! To all of the Mothers here in the Valley I send you my deepest and happiest of wishes and and my upmost respect and admiration... You're truely incredible!