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Wanted: Aspen Assassin

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In a town where parking spaces sell for $500,000, it is not clear why Elinor Dvir thought she could hire a killer in Aspen for $2000.

Especially since the person she allegedly wanted to murder – her ex-husband, Richard Nedlin – is an Aspen prosecutor.

But that is what a court informant and an undercover police office say she tried to do. And that is why last week she was arrested.

Whatever happened between these two former lovebirds is not yet clear. But after it went south, Dvir, an Israeli citizen, found herself spending almost two years in an immigration jail cell until she was released in 2007.

It is safe to say she was quite unhappy.

Having spent the better part of the last three decades living near the world’s busiest border crossing – including a stint as a consultant to District Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, I can tell you with some confidence that there only two ways to end up in an INS holding cell. You have to be either extraordinarily unlucky; or someone (usually with connections) drops a dime on you.

Elinor Dvir said it was the later: She blamed her ex-husband for her imprisonment and subsequent loss of her daughter and everything she owned. That, says an informant in court papers, is why she turned to prostitution and started advertising her erotic services as “Capri” on Craigslist and other web sites. (“Classy, exotic, petite, stunning princess serving only the gentlemen who wish for finer treatment" at a "luxury in-call location with all the amenities" according to her alleged profile on

And why she allegedly told one of her clients how eager she was to kill her ex-husband.

And she was willing to pay $2000 to do it.

The john told the cops. And soon she was back behind bars. Court papers say she drew a diagram of where her ex-husband, his new wife, and daughter lived -- complete with elevator and instructions on how easy it would be to get in because people in Aspen do not lock their doors; and how to make it look like some kind of drug accident.

And how she did not care one way or the other if her ex-husband’s pregnant new wife got killed in the process. No extra charge.