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These Days – “Clean Slate”

Christopher Laursen's picture

I found myself excitedly buying a can of dry lube for my mountain Bike chain today… What the hell is wrong with me?

Robin Williams said spring is “Mother Nature’s way of saying Let's Party!!!” “It’s Time like these we learn to Live again” are the words of Foo-Fighters front man Dave Grohl. My favorite is from the original sarcastic wise-ass Mark Twain – “It's spring fever.... You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

It’s Mark’s quote that this sensitive Cancer and self-professed “Lover of Love” prefers. I look back on my 38 and 1/2 years (ok 3/4) on this spinning wheel of insanity with great respect for the “Clean Slate…” Spring is how we (or I) wash the filthy darkness of winter from my insides… There are some winters that I have little to no recollection of… No memory whatsoever. But there are no springs that I have forgotten.

This is my first full spring here in Aspen Colorado and like every season before it, I wait on the edge of my seat like a monster truck commercial “You’ll buy the whole seat but you’ll only need the Edge!!!” What will become of me this spring? The world is my oyster! Will my posturing in the crippled stock market position me for great wealth this time next year? Doubt it… Will I fall madly in love and find myself walking above the sidewalk with a stupid grin on my face being caught drooling and not caring? That’s love, right? Who knows but I sure hope so!

Back to the dry lube… Living here in Aspen is something of a fairy tale for me. I have spent most of my March, April and Mays of my adult life drunk and happy… I’m not sure if it’s living here in Colorado that gets a man; who’s used to this life style all jacked up about a bottle of chain lube or maybe it’s something in the water. I’ve lived in 14 states now (so far) and none of them have fostered the healthy living that Colorado has for me. I’m excited to feel my lungs searing with pain as I climb up the mountain on my bike gasping for breath and sweating into my sunglasses.

I bought a guide to mountain biking the Roaring Fork Valley late last summer and I can remember fingering it feverishly trying to figure out which ride I was going to fit into my busy schedule before it was to late… I have great plans to ride hundreds of miles this summer and if I can achieve 10 percent of what I hope to do I’ll be miles and miles above my buddies getting hammered on the deck of the Ocean Mist back home in Narragansett, Rhode Island!

There’s a spiritual release one gets up here. Maybe it’s the fact that most people have to drive hours and hours to get here while I can step out my front door and bike for 4 hours in a loop around Snowmass Mountain on some of the best mountain biking terrain in the country… My church last summer was Prince Creek up in Carbondale where the climb up the single track was a mind bending workout that rivals dropping acid and pounding vodka by the pint. Yes I think I’ve hallucinated worse on PC. If you don’t believe me go HERE: and see me do a head plant into a rock while trying to jump a step up at Prince Creek last summer. This is the best advertisement for buying and wearing a helmet that I’ve ever seen.

Most importantly this is a time of change and rejuvenation. Grab it and hold it tight. Live happily and walk above the sidewalk.