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Takah Sushi

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A longtime favorite of locals and tourists alike, Takah Sushi occupies a prime basement location on the Aspen mall at 320 South Mill Street, on the corner of Mill Street and Cooper Avenue. While the bar, sushi bar and kitchen are all downstairs, in the summer Takah also features a patio dining area across from Wagner Park, making it one of the few restaurants in the downtown core with outdoor seating.

Takah is the most reasonably priced of Aspen’s three sushi restaurants, but you can still expect to run up a large bill. It’s not easy to get fresh seafood to Aspen, after all, so prices for entrees start at $26 and go up from there. What you get for your money, however, will be well worth it. Takah’s expert staff serves up exceptional sushi rolls, including a number of unique signature creations, as well as imaginative sashimi plates served in a variety of different styles. And the fish, despite being 1,200 miles from the nearest ocean, is always as fresh as can be.

Beyond the standard sushi fare, Takah has a large menu of tempting Pan-Asian dishes, from ming gai koon (Vietnamese-style lettuce wraps with sautéed chicken and shrimp) to pad thai to a mouth-watering Kobe beef strip steak. House specialties include the melt-in-your-mouth hamachi kama, or yellowtail collar, Colorado lamb lollipops, and atomic shrimp, a pair of tempura-fried jumbo prawns in a spicy sauce that are not to be missed.

The roomy and often raucous bar area is generally filled with locals, but if you can manage to find a seat, the entire menu is available for ordering. The bar itself is well stocked with a generous selection of beers, an extensive and thoughtful wine list, most every spirit you can think of, and a vast sampling of both cold and warm sakes. Ask your server for a bottle of purple haze, a mix of sake and Chambord served piping hot that is a welcome addition to any meal.

The restaurant’s design, by noted Aspen designer Jeffrey Halferty, uses curved ceiling spaces and soft lighting to set a relaxing mood, and the décor embraces Eastern art and ornamentation without resorting to the tackiness that mars so many Asian establishments. The open floor layout engenders a sense of community, but if you desire more intimacy for your party, there is a private dining room with seating for up to 12. Call ahead for reservations: (970) 925-8588.

Takah Sushi
320 South Mill Street
Aspen, Colorado