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A Sweet Spot in Aspen - Paradise Bakery and Cafe

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My yummy Alpine Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Gelato in a Waffle Cone from Paradise Bakery and Cafe and in Aspen!My yummy Alpine Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie Gelato in a Waffle Cone from Paradise Bakery and Cafe and in Aspen!
Aspen, Co - I LOVE sugar! Yup you heard me right. I love it in just about every form but must admit that I truly prefer it in the form of a deliciously decadent sweet treat!
I think my initial love was born out of the fact that my Mom loves to bake. While growing up I was lucky enough to have a kitchen filled with fresh baked brownies, cakes, crepes, cookies, etc. and though I didn't gain her baking skills I have carried my love for sweetness with me on my journey through life thus far. In addition to the baked goods I also have a love for ice cream. That love was born not in the kitchen I grew up in but rather in the local ice cream shops we would frequent on family outings. I recall two specific spots, back in Upstate New York, that I frequented fairly often while young and throughout my high school years! Dairy Frost and Udderly Delicious were my favorites and I went with family, friends, my dog and on occasion by myself!

When I moved to Colorado I was sadly made aware of the fact that ice cream shops weren't as prevalent as they were back home. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the weather differences but it made me sad just the same.

Well once I made the decision to stay in Colorado I knew I had to find a place to get my “fix”. Early on my options were pretty much the standards: Dairy Queen, Haggen Daaz and Ben & Jerry's. The latter of the three has always been a favorite since I grew up pretty close to Vermont and even spent a bit of time scooping ice cream for the masses but I still had yet to discover that sweet treat that would make my eyes roll into the back of my head and I was itching to find it for sure! Now that you get my love for sugar you'll understand how grateful I was when the day finally came that I was introduced to a new “friend” who's name is gelato!!
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Paradise Bakery and Cafe and in Aspen, COParadise Bakery and Cafe in Aspen, CO“Who's gelato?”, you might be asking, well gelato is Italy's version of ice cream. Gelato tends to be lower in butterfat content, slightly lower in sugar content and the freezing process is a bit different so I like to call them cousins. All I knew at that point is that my love for sugar had reached a new pinnacle and I was GRATEFUL! I honestly can't remember where I was the first time I tried gelato but I do remember one specific place that I tried it and I have gone back many times over the years just to get another taste. Where? The “Paradise Bakery & Cafe'”.

My folks and I stumbled upon this little piece of paradise one sunny afternoon in Aspen, CO and we have gone back quite often over the years. Just two weeks ago while visiting Aspen with my family I made sure to stop in for a cone. As always it was DELICIOUS! What was even more special is that they make the gelato there! I had a double scoop with two different flavors, Alpine Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, in a waffle cone! Yum Yum!!

The Paradise Bakery & Cafe' is located at 320 Galena St. and is a fantastic place to stop for that sweet treat you might be craving. They are open Monday-Sunday, 7am-10pm and though I live a few hours away it is so nice to know that I have a place to go when my stomach is calling out! The staff is friendly and focused on great service... they often have samples of the snacks they are cooking up in the kitchen and also offer a selective menu so those yearning for something other than sugar can get the fix they need as well. That piece of paradise helps me feel not so far from home by dishing up delectable delights that remind me of when I was young. What a great thing!! Be sure to stop in when your in town!