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Snowborder, Mark McMorris Debuts the First-Ever Backside Triple Cork 1440 in the Snowmass Terrain Park

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Aspen,CO- Pro Rider, Mark McMorris has raised the bar for riders across the world. The seventeen year-old cleanly executed a new trick during an early morning jump session at the public terrain park at Snowmass. TransWorld was there to capture the footage of McMorris landing the first-ever backside triple cork 1440!

Mark McMorris Backside Triple Cork 1440 from TransWorld SNOWboarding on Vimeo.

The shoot that captured McMorris's magic, was part of a brand new resort-based multimedia series, TransWorld Park Sessions. The shoot at Snownmass highlighted Mark and crew, consisting of Gjermund Braaten, Tyler Flanagan and Mark's brother, Craig McMorris.

The riders were up and amped, hitting the park by 8 a.m. on March 2nd. Pulling energy and inspiration from each other, Gjermund Braaten and Mark McMorris were trading tricks and pushing one another to step up their antics. Over the course of the morning, Mark threw three attempts at the back triple 14. Third time proved a charm as he stomped the trick and rode away with his hands in the air, looking surprised yet triumphant.

The news soon spread via phone calls and tweets. McMorris said, “I’m still in shock that I actually did it—I don’t even know why I did, I was just feeling the jump. I don’t think triples are really the way snowboarding is going but I just wanted to try it. I’m excited to see people’s reactions to the video.”

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