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The Regal

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The Aspen scene operates on a relatively simple daily timeline. Wake up, eat breakfast, ski until 4:00 pm, grab a slope side après ski libation, relax and socialize in the hotel hot tub before dressing to impress and heading out on the town for dinner and a little late night partying. After a day darting, sweeping, and barreling down Aspen Mountain with skis or a snowboard strapped to your feet, you’re going to be ready to trade in the parka, ski pants, and long johns for something a little more figure-flattering.
The RegalThe Regal
If you hit it off with an attractive-stranger while sharing the gondola or squeezing onto the high-speed quad, you may want to arrange an after dark rendezvous at one of Aspen’s hottest clubs: The Regal.

As a word, “Regal” has a pretty simple definition: Of, relating to, or suitable for a king. This is appropriate, considering The Regal is the type of nightclub where one might unknowingly rub elbows with Armenian royalty in town for the weekend or share a shot with a blonde bombshell heiress to a tycoon’s empire. The watering hole is designed to be so-called “Aspen Chic,” meaning creamy brown tones, a chicory-brown dance floor, a wavy textured wall, a long granite bar, and minimalist aged-leather furniture. The sultry basement grotto is a watering hole for mercurial jetrosexuals and velveteen women styled in garments seemingly lifted straight out of the pages of Vogue from Paris and Milan.

Despite the topflight glitterati scene, The Regal has been a getaway for dancing and drinking since the 2007 ski season. During the summer and winter high seasons, DJs drop a house-spun concoction of contemporary beats while dancers cut loose to the cool, hip-gyrating grooves. A dapper bartender whips up classic cocktails and deserts are available all night long to crave that sweet tooth hankering.

Despite this town’s sometimes-superfluous displays of wealth, the late-night metropolitan phenomenon of bottle service and VIP access has a rather tasteful and limited presence. The Regal is one of a handful of venues that caters to patrons seeking to arrange these services. Exclusive events, like a sexy fashion show sponsored by Absolut Vodka in the summer of 2008 or the white-hot post X-Game VIP party with Tanner Hall drew a high-profile audience. Culture vultures and reveling women wrapped in slim-fitting mink queue up the steps and line up around the block. With that in mind, remember The Regal is an elegant smart-casual affair, meaning you better think twice before wearing sneakers and a sweatshirt out for a night on the town if The Regal is in your partying itinerary.

The Regal
220 S Galena St.
Aspen, CO 81611