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Redstone Motorcycle Rally

Johnny Harrington's picture

REDSTONE, CO - As I blasted down the highway from Aspen to Carbondale on my way to Redstone on my motorcycle, I could not help but feel overwhelmed by the awesome views and warm summer wind hitting me in the face. Although I have rode that stretch more times than I can remember, I never take it for granted. “There are as many great roads in this area of Colorado as there is in Sturgis,” a motorcycle enthusiast stated as he revved up his Harley and blasted into the curvy highway towards Carbondale, I would have asked for his name but he was a speck in the distance before I could muster the words. As I approached the town, the street was lined with beautiful (and some not so beautiful) motorcycles. A smell of festival type food lingered in the air, and a sound of what seemed like live music filled my ears.

I parked my bike and walked around town for awhile, taking in the views and visiting with a few of the vendors. Several of my riding partners went on an unsuccessful hunt for “adult beverages" but returned empty handed. Luckily we had brought provisions along in case of such an emergency.

After quenching our thirst, we found the live music. The band we ran across was “Sling And A Stone,” playing at The Crystal Club. They are a newer band and on their first road trip. Despite being new to the scene, the consensus was that they were pretty awesome. They played a couple cover songs, a few original pieces and, perhaps a bit surprising, some original gospel type songs. While I enjoy all types of music (my favorites being Heavy Metal, Rock, Hip Hop and Country), I found myself toe tapping to them too. They had a strong rock beat and some great guitar licks that really fit the atmosphere.

Since this was one of the first motorcycle rallies in this area, attendance wasn’t as great as one might imagine for this type of event, with only about 100 people milling around at any given time. Then again considering the size of the town itself, with no gas station or stoplight, this was a jammed packed event. After listening to the band for about half an hour, we decided to take to the road and enjoy the great ride leading out of town and back towards Aspen, and eventually over Independence Pass back to Leadville.
The warm air rushing past on the entire ride made for a great day. While we hoped for a few more people and events at the rally, we had no regrets of riding to Redstone. “I love riding around and going to places just like this. I hate huge crowds when it’s hot” Shaun Owens, Leadville resident, said to me as he was sitting on his almost brand new Yamaha V-Star.

“I can’t believe all the scenery here! I have lived in this area for a long time and I cannot believe I have never been to Redstone!” said Sarah, an Aspen local, with a quiet awe in her voice as she looked at Chair Mountain on one side and Mt. Sopris on the other. I could empathize with her as I reminisced on the first time I went to Redstone. Looking back I even recall wanting to live there for a little while. For those who do not ride a motorcycle, Redstone is still very much worth seeing, even through a car window.
Unfortunately, as I was pulling in to a gas station in Carbondale on my way out, I remembered the Redstone Castle and almost turned around just to go back and see it. Between the setting sun and dropping temperatures and rain clouds fast approaching, I decided I’d have to make that trip again. Now I have an excuse to blast up Highway 133 again and see the nice tucked away little town and the Castle!

Overall this was a small event, but good things come in small packages, and everybody that did get a chance to head up there really seemed to enjoy it. I plan on going to this event next year if it happens again, and I feel like the event was a success for the small town of Redstone!