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So it's been awhile since I've posted here and for GOOD REASON! Since my last blogging... I've nearly died, Ripped the pump from the base at the Aspen Store (Shell Station) moved in with two beautiful women, Made a killing on the stock market, lost about 30 lbs, enjoyed my 1st 4th of July in Aspen, cleaned a rat's cage, broken the law, Enjoyed more than one free concert at Snowmass, started an account at a consignment shop, mountain biked the rio grande trail, motorcycled the bug soup to the top of Independence pass at sunset, hiked to Weller Lake, Pretended to eat a poisonous mushroom (see above picture), Chased escaped horses up on Owel Creek... (Come on Jim! fix those fences would ya!!! Let's go man) and many many many more interesting and unusual exciting things...

A few comments on the above activity:

Thanks to Dr. John Schultz and his crack team of surgical and nursing staff at Aspen Valley Hospital I survived my burst appendix and subsequent hospitalization... All I can say about the folks over there is WOW!!!

The Appendix burst not more than 15 minutes after I drove away with the gas pump from the Aspen Store in my tank still... You can all thank me for the brand new pumps over there because I guess they were outdated and my clumsiness and wandering mind helped get them on the ball...

The rest of my story as well as some additions to the activity here in beautiful Downtown Aspen Colorado will follow in the coming weeks...

I hope you're all well and happy!