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The Pass!!! Getting Ready for Winter Fun in Aspen

Angela Shy's picture
Aspen, CO - YAHOOOEEEEEE!!! I got my pass!!!! Some of you out there might be wondering, “What pass?”, to which I will answer, “THE ONLY PASS THAT MATTERS!! THE PASS THAT GETS ME ON THE CHAIRLIFT TO RIDE AWAY MY WINTER DAYS!!” Sorry about all the capital letters, but I can hardly contain my excitement about having the stress removed in regards to wondering how I was going to get to play in the snow all Winter long without having to break that bank I don't really have to break! Where your pass can take you! A view from the top of Buttermilk Mtn. in Aspen: Season '09/'10Where your pass can take you! A view from the top of Buttermilk Mtn. in Aspen: Season '09/'10 Early on in my ski/snowboard life I became aware of the importance of the pass. Without it I might as well be living somewhere else. The “Pass” allows me to ride my worries away after that long day at work... play away my day off so that work doesn't seem too awful... exercise in a way that seems like anything BUT exercise and most importantly it allows me to immerse myself into this somewhat elusive lifestyle that many long for! With the pass I don't just live near a cool resort I AM actually LIVING the resort lifestyle as well! Over the years I've “paid” for my pass in lot's of different ways and I'm writing today so that all of you out there without a pass might find an option that you never knew about or thought about before. Though I don't live in Aspen, I'm pretty sure the options that I'm going to mention are pretty standard throughout all of our surrounding ski/snowboard towns. When I first moved to town I opted for what seemed like the most obvious choice which was to work for the resort. One of the perks we get for working for “the man” is the pass! Generally full or part-time employees get a pass as well as dependent passes! Yup, you heard me correctly! If you decide to work for the resort you just might be lucky enough to get a free ride for your significant other and your kids as well. I know that solely working for the resort can be scary because the pay isn't so great at times but, that's where the additional options come into play as well such as volunteer and holiday help or seasonal positions. Those positions quite often offer passes for dependents as well, either for free or for a low fee.