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One for the Aspen ladies...Finding the Right "Fit" helps.

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The girls and I, pre The "girls" and I, pre "lift", at my 20th HS Reunion...
So, for as long as I can remember I've always been big breasted. Yup I said it and not 'cause I'm so proud but because I know that there are lot's of other women out there who know the down side to being well endowed which is why my recent discovery has had such an effect on this big boobed chick!

For all of the women out there longing for big breasts who aren't aware: Having big boobs is unfortunately much more of a pain in the BACK and jerk magnet rather than a casting agent or model search attractor.
I spent most of my young adult life hiding my "sisters" behind UN-padded bras and baggy sweaters. I was almost always uncomfortable with them. I've always been pretty insecure and self conscious so when my gals started to grow in I just tried to pretend they weren't really there, which wasn't so bright because when they did fully arrive I had no idea what to do with them!

I can't remember much about my 1st bra days but I think that I became friends with the sports bra pretty early on. It held them in place, for the most part, which was pretty important to me at the time and still is today ;)

As the years went by I learned to live with my “girls” but we never really became partners or friends. Most of my work days have been spent schlepping food, which is bad on the back anyway, BUT add to it a couple of softballs and by the end of a shift my shoulder blades would be screaming! The over the shoulder boulder holder I had chosen to wear didn't do anything for my shoulders or there blades and than again neither did I! Well that all changed on Tuesday July 14th, 2009 while down by the sea in New York City!!!