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New York Pizza

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Located at 409 East Hyman, on the Hyman Avenue Mall upstairs from what is currently a Billabong store, New York Pizza has been an Aspen institution practically from the day it opened in 1993. Serving up big, foldable New York-style slices, sub sandwiches, salads, soda and beer in a no-frills atmosphere, N.Y. Pie is a favorite amongst Aspen locals and a place that any bar-hopping tourist is sure to visit at least once.

In a sense, New York Pizza is a sort of anti-Aspen restaurant. In a town where glitz and pretense are impossible to avoid and a good, cheap lunch is hard to find, this authentic pizza joint offers up cheese pizza slices for $3.75 that are meal enough for all but the heartiest appetites. Toppings are just 25 cents more apiece, and there are always plenty of choices in the display case on the counter.

The other key to New York Pizza’s success is that it’s one of the only places in Aspen where one can get something to eat at 2 in the morning, making it a huge hit with the nighttime crowd. Be careful if you go, though, as the lines can get pretty long on weekends right after the bars shut down.

While all of the pizza is exceptional, one insider tip is to try to get a slice from a pie that’s just come out of the oven. These slices are just a little bit more pliable than ones that get reheated, and to this reviewer (who has had thousands of slices from New York Pizza) they just seem to taste a little better.

There’s more to N.Y. Pie than just pizza, though. There’s also mouth-watering chicken parmesan and Philly cheesesteak subs, mammoth salads that can be doctored up with your choice of toppings and a calzone that nearly defies description. With a price tag of $13, the New York Pizza calzone is often overlooked, but don’t be fooled by that number. This is a calzone that looks as if it has swallowed three or four other calzones. It’s easily dinner for an entire family, making it an incredible bargain.

To wash down all that great food, New York Pizza has a number of beers on tap and in the bottle at some of the cheapest prices around, as well as bottomless sodas from the self-serve fountain in the back. There are even a few wine choices for those with more sophisticated palates.

New York Pizza is not for everyone; you’re not very likely to see many fur-clad trophy wives in the place. But if you’re looking for great pizza, cold beer and loud music served up in a real pizzeria atmosphere, you can’t ask for much more.