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National Geographic Comes to Town. Carbon Follows.

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You probably missed this story: 300 leaders of Alcoholics Anonymous met in Aspen to toast the New Year with copious amounts of champagne and single malt scotch.

Or the 300 Weight Watchers meeting in Aspen to gorge themselves senseless on brownies and hot fudge sundaes.

Neither really happened. But, even stranger, this did:
Three hundred environmentalists from around the world last week came to Aspen to spend three days complaining about people who are ruining the environment with huge carbon footprints from traveling to beautiful and remote places? Like Aspen.

Not that meeting organizers cared. They thought they had it covered.

The theme of the conference was energy; and how speakers – including the head of the EPA -- want everyone except themselves to switch from oil, coal, gas and nuclear to hamsters running on treadmills. Or else risk certain and imminent world destruction from the selfish people who do crazy things like travel to Aspen to enjoy themselves.

These green party-givers may be smug, but they are not stupid.

They knew that people who put about as much stock in carbon footprints as they do in Big Foot footprints would be waiting to confront them with their obvious inconsistencies. Such as your humble blogospondent.

So they did what any self-respecting environmental group would do to undo all the environmental damage their presence had caused: They issued a press release.

They said they were sorry for the all their environmental sins they would be committing that week while railing against the exact same environmental sins elsewhere, but to make up for it they would be purchasing carbon offsets from some Native American company that promotes wind power among Native American tribes.

You know, the same tribes that do not have to obey federal and state and local environmental rules regarding energy generation, wildlife conservation, landfill construction and the like. So they don’t.

You can see their news release at or look it up at the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire under “entertainment.”