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My Extreme Aspen Experience: ESPN Winter X Games

Angela Shy's picture

Day 3... Sunday was the last day of the X-Games and with it also came another big reason as to why I was in Aspen. My Dad had a gig at Jimmy's Restaurant, the host of an ESPN employee/athlete after “games” party and Dad was the entertainment :) My Dad has a Karaoke/DJ biz, Shyguy Karaoke & DJ, that I enjoy helping out with when the opportunity arises. Though my love for singing is the underlying reason I help out this gig brought with it not only extra cash for me but a chance to try out some tasty treats off the bar menu at Jimmy's. I opted for the Alaskan King Crab Mashies and some 12 Onion Soup. DEEEEEEEELISH!! The mashies and their creaminess were close to the best I've EVER had! Enough crab that my shellfish fix was filled and the soup and pot's filled my hungry belly. The restaurant was standing room only when we got there and stayed that way pretty much until the place closed! The party was great with my personal favorite moment taking place when snowmobiling legend Levi Lavallee stepped up to the mic to belt out a little Bon Jovi, “Wanted Dead or Alive” style! A moment very few witnessed but I'm sure many wish they could have :)

The time eventually came to pack up and head back to the room for what was left of the “night” only to pack up once again the next morning and head back to my real home.

What a weekend I had had! I got to stay in a sweet condo!! I shopped at the Aspen City Market! I attended a most coveted Winter event: ESPN Winter X-Games 15!! I walked into town for coffee at Johnny McGuires! Rode Buttermilk Mountain! I feel as though I got a peek into what it's like to be an Aspen local during the coolest part of the Winter season! I'm one lucky gal :)