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The Mountain Can Wait

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The greatest thing about Aspen, Colorado is its innate ability to surprise you. The mystique of this town hangs heavy over your head whether you’re a local or just passing through for the week. The mountain stands tall and watches your every move. While you’re waltzing down the cobblestone mall or trying to find a parking spot it feels like Ajax is up there pointing to a place for your car or urging you to turn into this shop or that restaurant. There are a lot of options in Aspen. From the Foie Gras at Syzygy to the fish tacos at Zanes, there’s something wonderful for everyone that visits.

From Big Head Todd and the Monsters to ZZ Top, live music rolls year round at the Belly Up. ( From Free Movie Night to a British DJ spinning house music till all hours of the night, this place doesn’t stop. If you need something to do, this is where to look.

Après Ski is best enjoyed around the fire at the Sky Hotels 39 Degree Lounge. The cosy couches and a loud-yet inviting-social atmosphere make you feel like you’re amongst a sea of friends.

This town has a way of making you forget the rest of the world. Sure there’s always a newspaper and a flat screen screaming at you about what’s happening to the country and the planet but somehow you just feel insulated from the madness for just a little while. Maybe it’s Aspen Mountain itself shielding us from the reality outside. Mother Nature seems to have a way of incorporating itself into every little nook and cranny here in town. Sometimes she doesn’t even let you land a plane and you find yourself hightailing it back to Denver to sit on the tarmac to wait until she’s truly ready for you.

Speaking of planes “The Fly Lounge” will transport you to a fantastic party experience. The inside of the Fly Lounge is shaped like the interior of 747, except this is the sexiest plane ride you’ve ever been on! There's dance music pumping and fantastic drinks being poured by even more fantastic Bartenders/Flight Attendants adorned in the kind of outfits you had in your dreams as a young man going through those awkward stages. If the national airlines took a nod from this place air travel would hardly be a nuisance. Screw the seatbacks and tray tables, I’m cutting a rug!

Aspen’s dining ranges from the exquisite to the sublime and sometimes both. Only in Aspen is there a McDonalds three blocks from Nobu.

Other places of note here in town are AJAX Tavern, newly remodeled and a must-visit. If you’re looking for old Aspen silver miners you're probably not gonna find any. But if there were any they’d be at Bentley’s right next to the legendary Wheeler Opera House.

Remember that movie Diner? The character played by Mickey Rourke was based on the one and only Boogie Weinglass-billionaire retail mogul of the Merry-Go-Round stores and beloved Aspen local. Boogie invites you to his incredibly entertaining restaurant aptly named “Boogies” for everything from hamburgers to meatloaf. If you want to buy a three hundred dollar t-shirt or a two hundred dollar pair of Jeans, have at it on the first level of Boogies in the store. The jean selection here is second to none and certainly worth shelling out the cash.

Don’t forget to hit up “Social” on Restaurant row for a really cool atmosphere and great food.

So until the mountain bids you farewell and opens up the skies to send you on your way just remember there’s a million and a half things to do and places to see in Aspen, Colorado. If you strike up a conversation with a local (like film maker Rodney Jacobs or Skiwear pioneer Klaus Obermeyer) and you think they’re pulling your leg or telling tall tales chances are the stories are true and there’s more to be made.

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