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"It's RUMMAGE Time!!"

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Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale."American Gothic" print for $25.00!Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale - American Gothic print for $25.00! ASPEN,CO I'm what many people call "thrifty"... not because I'm cheap but rather because I'm a regular at thrift stores, yard sales and especially the yearly Minturn Rummage Sale. "Why?" Well I think it's ridiculous to pay full price for anything and because Eagle County, as well as the surrounding areas, have quite a few places to find the coolest, trendiest, classiest AND least expensive clothing, antiques, shoes, household goods, furniture and just about everything else I might need on this journey through life, at an extremely cost efficient price!

My love for "thrifting" came from spending lot's of time with my Mom doing things such as: yard saleing, scouring the sale racks, rummage sales, thrift stores, etc... even though I admittedly remember, as a young girl, expressing loudly, "WHEN I GROW UP I AM NEVER GOING TO BUY ANYTHING ON SALE!!" Well thank goodness I eventually came to my senses and have since been able to look past potential judgment from others for buying "used" stuff and have been thoroughly enjoying my adventures in thrifting ever since! I have also more recently found it to be quite a lucrative "home based business", when I have the time to delve into it, which makes it even that much more appealing.

So as to bring my "experience" into the present day I spent last Saturday morning, into the afternoon, at a favorite event of mine: The yearly Maloit Park Minturn Rummage Sale! This is actually the 46th year of the event and opening day was packed as it should be! The event raises money for The Eagle Valley Community Fund, who donate the money to many local non-profit charities in the area, which in the end makes the sale that much more appealing: Find GREAT deals while also doing something good!

Each year the event takes place in Minturn over a 2 weekend period. The final weekend takes place this Saturday & Sunday: August 28th & 29th, 2010... and the final weekend is even better than the first because EVERYTHING IS 1/2 PRICE as well as "Let's make a deal day"!!!

For those of you who have never attended the event it can be a bit overwhelming. They have 14 rooms of different items with each room dedicated to certain things: Books, Shoes, Womens clothing, Mens clothing, New stuff, Electronics, Sporting equipment, Household items, Kids clothing, etc... They also have lot's of furniture outside and food, to take care of your hunger as well as to keep your shopping energy up! This final weekend is also a favorite of mine because of the $1.00 for a bag of books deal!

Rummage - Shoes: $3.50 Marc Jacob shoes found at Minturn Rummage Sale.Rummage - Shoes: $3.50 Marc Jacob shoes found at Minturn Rummage Sale. This year on the first weekend I found everything from Marc Jacob shoes and DKNY clothing to a classic framed "American Gothic" print! The shoes were $3.50, the skirt $2.50 and the framed print was $25.00!

For some of you this may require a bit of a drive but if you have even the slightest interest in brand names at bargain prices, would like to fill your library for under $10.00, need to clothe your kids for the new school year and have the energy and time to search for your treasures than jump in your car and head to Maloit Park in Minturn. I'll be there for sure! I have found that during these tough financial times thrifting has been a great way to keep up on fashion and other necessary ithems as well as bringing in extra income via Ebay.

Don't let the economic downturn fool you into thinking you have to forget about soothing your shopping soul!! Let this new option carry you through the tough times AND replace future purchases of ridiculously expensive items!

Make your way to the Maloit Park Minturn Rummage Sale 1/2 price weekend:
Saturday, Aug. 28
• Doors open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
• All items are half price and a grocery bag full of books sells for $1.
• Coffee and doughnuts sold by Sue's Cafe.
• Lunch sold by Bright Future.

Sunday, Aug. 29
• Doors open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
• All items are half price and a grocery bag full of books sells for $1.
• Sunday is “Let's make a deal” day.
• Coffee and doughnuts sold by Sue's Cafe
• Lunch sold by Bright Future.

OR/AND be sure to hit your local thrift stores and yard sales to rummage your way to incredible items at unbelievably inexpensive prices! Don't let your hard earned cash disappear when great finds are right in your neighbors backyard or your local thrift store!