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High Def Premiere of Snowmass' 2009 Colorado Freeride TV Show

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to huck a cliff, miss your landing and fall on your head, lose both skis and break a pole, while the whole country is watching? Extreme athletes are soon to be Reality TV stars, with the November 22 premiere of the Colorado Freeride TV Show. The 2009 Hilly Hansen Colorado Freeride Championships had its fair share of memorable moments, the good, the bad and the hell yeas – and the whole nation can relive the glory on Untamed TV, at 7 pm and Midnight. Mountain Time, of course.

UnTamed Sports Network premieres the guts, the gore and the glory nationwide, for the first time ever to roughly 23 million homes, plus cable homes in 48 markets. The show will also air on DirecTV to 15 million homes and an additional 28 million homes over the air broadcast market. Planet X TV Network will also air the footage, check local listing times at It’s the Colorado Freeride Championships TV Show, sure to be fun for the whole family.
Competitors inspecting course before getting airbornCompetitors inspecting course before getting airborn
And it’s just the beginning. The 2010 Colorado Freeride Championships will be held in Snowmass this season, February 26-28 and no doubt, there will be more worthy antics recorded for posterity, as some of the sports most daring and most accomplished come together to test their mettle - and their bindings.

Snowmass Tourism Sponsorship and Events Manager Dave Elkan applauds the athletes and the new network premieres, which capture the excitement and beam it to the comfort of your living room. “This is truly the theater of the outrageous to the average viewer, with cutting-edge competition from the participating athletes who continue to push the boundaries of their sport,” says Elkan: “These skiers and snowboarders are giving it their best, hucking off the most extreme lines imaginable in Snowmass. From 50+ foot stomps to incomplete back flips, the show will wow TV viewers.”

Don’t forget the yard sales, the landed flips and Screamin’ Semens (a technical term, promise). This year’s competitors might just tighten those bindings a bit, knowing the folks back home are experiencing a vicarious huck or two. And to check out the Colorado Freeride Championships TV Show on the clock, visit