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Halloween Hauntings at The Hotel Jerome

Marissa D'Orazio's picture

Exterior of the hotelExterior of the hotel ASPEN, CO - October’s just around the corner. Cue changing leaves, frost wrapped mornings, and ghostly Halloween happenings. In light of my love of dressing the part, Halloween is one of my favorite festive stretches of the year. I say stretches because I delegate the entire month of October to costume construction, zombie crawls and eerie encounters. This year, I plan to check out a few haunted hotels that boast credible reputations for supernatural incidents. At the top of my list: the Hotel Jerome in Aspen.

The Hotel Jerome claims a rich history. Founded in the days of the Colorado silver boom, the hotel’s roots spawn from the dreams of Jerome B. Wheeler in 1889. The Jerome was designed to be the American version of a quintessential European hotel. Its location, pensively planned, is nestled in downtown Aspen among the town’s posh boutiques, reputable art galleries and bustling restaurants. Over the years the hotel has made a name for itself based on quality service and its upscale atmosphere; supported by its classic Gothic/Victorian styling. However, these attributes aren’t the only thing drawing attention to the hotel, Thrill and chill seekers visit the hotel in hopes a chance encounter with one of the alleged ghosts residing there.