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Aspen's Conundrum Hot Springs: 18 Miles and 4 Courses

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Once registered, we strapped on our packs and ran through our final checklist, and started on our way around noon. The first part of hike presented striking views and boldly colored aspens. The 4,000 ft. incline was distributed across the nine miles, which made the increase easier to take. Some sections demonstrated a steeper climb, but they were usually followed by a long stretch of leveled-out plains.

We occasionally ran into hikers on their return trip, and asked how long they had been hiking. It seemed we couldn’t get a consistent answer on how far we had left to go, so we decided it would just be best to keep moving in long stretches with 10 minute breaks to rest our backs. Mid-way through the hike, our backs really started to ache, hurting more as the return hikers told us we still had quite a ways to go. The hike continued to yield beautiful sights as we crisscrossed over the river on beautiful footbridges. Conundrum peak showed her face around the trail to the left and we knew we were getting closer. Eventually we hit the six-mile bridge our passing companions told us about and it inspired us to buck-up and finish up.

Mountain ViewMountain View