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Carnivale for a Cause: Cirque d’Aspen

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By:Marissa D'Oraizo

Aspen,CO -- Whether you’re visiting for the Holidays or you live in Aspen year round, everyone can appreciate an outstanding artistic performance. What’s better? How about an outstanding artistic performance for a good cause? This holiday season, check out Cirque d’Aspen, running December 28th, 29th and 30th benefiting the Aspen Youth Center.

Cirque d’Aspen: Acrobats in ActionAcrobats in Action

The annual show will return this December for its fifth consecutive show, supporting the Aspen Youth Center. The program, entitled Carnivale, will feature dazzling live performances by world renowned performers of Cirque Le Masque, a performance ensemble consisting mostly of accomplished Cirque du Soleil artists. This year will display innovative changes from previous years for many reasons including the new performance troupe and an inventive stage setup with more interactive seating areas.