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Camp Aspen Snowmass

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SNOWMASS, CO – Children have always inspired me to see the world in a new light; to enjoy the simple things in life. The children at Camp Aspen Snowmass, however, inspire me in a whole new way. Since I began working as a counselor this June, I have met so many exceptional children, each with something unique to offer. Many have traveled the world, and can often speak as many languages as they are years old. Eight year olds beat me at foosball and ping-pong. There is even a two year old who rides a skateboard at least as well as I can!

Camp Aspen Snowmass is the perfect place for these inspiring youngsters to grow, learn, and most of all to have an awesome summer. Locals and visitors alike, age one year to teens, enjoy the multitude of activities offered at the camp.

One and two year olds go on short field trips up the Snowmass gondola, or up the Sky Cab to the Snowmass Mall. They play in the water table outside, in the Alpine Climb Room, or jump around in the House of Bounce. They do daily craft projects and enjoy visits from clowns, pirates, and Aspen Center for Environmental Studies representatives. They go on dinosaur hunts or nature “hikes” to search for bugs. Each day has a unique theme with several related activities.

Three year olds enjoy the same types of activities, with a few field trips further from the Treehouse. Every Wednesday is Western Day, with walk around horse rides at the rodeo grounds. On other days there are tours of Snowmass Bakery, jumping on the EuroBungy trampoline, and of course, playtime in the sandbox/playground at the top of the gondola.

The number of field trips increases with age. Four year olds travel up the Aspen Mountain gondola to participate in activities hosted by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. Five year olds can swim or learn to play tennis or go mountainboarding. Six to ten year olds do all of the above plus paintball, trips to Glenwood hot springs, rafting, mini golf, ice skating, and the climbing wall. There are special field trips to places such as the Maroon Bells, fish hatchery, Rock Bottom Ranch, and Hallam Lake. Mountain biking and skateboarding are added to the list for 8-14 year olds, who stay active all day in Adventure Camp.

There are also several specialty camps. In Rocket Camp, 4-10 year olds can design and build their own rockets in a 2-3 day camp session. On Friday afternoon, all the campers gather to watch the rockets launch, giving Rocket Camp participants a moment in the spotlight. Once per week children can attend movie night. Teens age 13-17 have the opportunity to participate in Rock and Roll camp, learning to play guitar, bass, and drums in the afternoons. If your wish is for your children to inspire, to be inspired, and to have a fantastic time, bring them to Camp Aspen Snowmass!

Does all of this make you wish you were a kid again? Well you’re not alone, but there are several activities that adults can participate in as well. There are mountain biking and hiking clinics, both ladies only and co-ed for all levels from beginner to expert. If you prefer a family style adventure, you can enroll in private mountainboarding, mountain biking, or skateboarding clinics. These are also available just for children. Prefer something with a bit less potential for scrapes and bruises? Try a private family fishing trip. This starts with a jeeping experience, as you ride up Snowmass Mountain in the open back of a truck. With the expert guides and our private fishing pond, you are almost certain to catch a fish.

If you would rather explore all that Snowmass has to offer in the summer without the structure of Camp Aspen Snowmass activities, you can rent a mountain bike or go hiking on your own. Try out the new disk golf course, or pick up a trail map to discover the best trails for hiking or biking. Take your family to the top of the Elk Camp Gondola for a playground, climbing wall, and lunch at the restaurant located there. You can purchase a bike pass for the gondola, and experience the thrill of riding downhill without the struggle of biking up. For kids, the chance to jump on the EuroBungy trampoline can be purchased from the guest services desk as well.

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Thursday nights you can enoy the family-friendly Snowmass Summer of Free Music. On other days of the week, many of the local restaurants host live music, or you can attend karaoke night at Lime. Every Wednesday is the Snowmass rodeo. Camp Aspen Snowmass counselors are often willing to babysit for your night out, or ask at the guest services desk for a list of trustworthy babysitters, many of whom also work at the Camp. Whatever you choose to do, you will have a great time in Snowmass Village this summer, day and night! Go to for more information.