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BellyUp Aspen Welcome's Jeff Daniels the Musician, With or Without the Moped

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He strums the opening chords, then starts to sing. “She starts the car when it’s already running! Inside the garage she’s got that engine gunnin’…mean daddy’s daughter going out for a ride - good god in heaven, please bring me back alive!” The audience hoots and hollers in appreciation.

“I didn’t tell her about the song and when I first performed it, I brought out a chair and asked her to come up on-stage,” recalls Daniels. “She whispered in my ear, ‘I’m gonna kill you’ and kind of looked out at the crowd. There were 1500 people looking back and really, it could’ve gone any way. I’d brought a steering wheel out, too, asked her to grab it while I sang. The audience just went wild. She’s in college now and she’ll call me the day before a show and say, ‘Hey dad, I’m comin’ tomorrow...' Then she’ll come up onstage and just work the crowd. She’s added her own bits where she’s texting, talking on the phone, waving out the window at imaginary passersby…she’s totally upstaged me,” says Daniels, with an appreciative laugh. “She’s scary funny.”

No surprise, when your dad’s known for destroying a toilet in Dumb and Dumber. Daniels’ two sons were in elementary school when the movie came out and weren’t sure what to expect when they went to class that first day. “The other kids came to school wearing Dumb and Dumber baseball hats and almost cheered when they saw the boys. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea,” recalls Daniels, with a laugh.

Actor-turned-musician, however, isn’t quite as popular a career move. “Great, another actor trying to sing and play guitar…all the world needs is another one of those, right?” asks Daniels. He uses the stigma to his advantage, however, fully acknowledging that most first-time concert-goers are only there to see “that guy from the movies.”