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Aspen Pot Heads: Don't You Worry About a Thing.

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Aspen druggies: Don’t you worry about a thing.

That’s because The Man in Aspen believes buying and selling drugs is not that big of a deal. At least if the city’s Police Policy and Procedures Manual is to be believed.

The part on drug enforcement begins with all the usual boiler plate: Drugs are bad. And if we catch you, you might even get arrested if for no other reason than you have to be really, really, high or really, really stupid to get caught buying or selling drugs in Aspen.

But other than that, if you think that guy or gal standing next to you at the upcoming Dark Star concert is a bit too eager to buy or sell or use drugs with you, that is the drug paranoia talking. Not The Man incognito. So sayeth the police manual:

“In acknowledging that drug related investigations can pose serious threats to the safety of citizens and officers; may improperly intrude on the privacy of citizens; may place an undue burden on the finite resources of this department; and may potentially erode the community's trust in the department, the Aspen Police Department: Does not conduct undercover narcotics investigations. Does not maintain or use paid informants for purposes of developing leads on narcotics investigations.”

Maybe Aspen police are just more understanding. In some cities, even one time use of marijuana or other recreational drugs would prevent you from joining the force. Heck, even calling them “recreational” could short circuit your trip to the police academy.

In Aspen the bar is a little …. higher?

A history of drug use for potential officers, says the manual, is not a problem as long as you avoid “Addiction to the habitual use of intoxicating beverages or psychoactive drugs, both prescribed and/or illegal.” I challenge anyone to tell me why that does not include daily trips to Starbucks.

Potential police officers must take almost a dozen physical and psychological and background tests prior to hiring. Curiously missing from this is a drug test.

Lots of other stuff in the manual could be considered must reading for the scofflaw: When you can get tasered. Or chased. Or hit with a bean bag gun. Or even a real gun.

Talk about buzz kills and violations of privacy.