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Aspen MountainAspen Mountain Today officially begins Winter X-Games 15, being held at Buttermilk Mountain in awesome Aspen, CO January 27th-30th, and though I won't be there until Friday, my nerves are already tingling with excitement!! Aspen is certainly cool enough on it's own, but with the added extreme adrenaline running through the hills one can't help but be a bit overwhelmed in the best way ever!!

This time of year has been special to me for quite some time now because my man and I have made attending the Winter X-Games in Aspen a yearly ritual since the event first came to town in 2002. 10 years ago!!

Though we are both avid snowboarders, the Snocross events drew us to the Games first but we have since of course fallen in love with the rest of the events as well! Over the years I've also been able to immerse myself in the Winter X-Games not only from a spectators point of view but also from behind the scenes! Through the kindness of a great gal I was able to take in the sites from an employee standpoint and also got a peek at the “brain” of the Games which comes in the form of a small trailer filled with t.v. screens catching every single moment so as to get it out to the masses of folks watching from wherever else one might be if not in Aspen ;) My perspective of the Winter X-Games has been widened beyond my dreams and I'm excited about the possibilities that could take place this weekend! My Dad is the DJ at the closing party that takes place at Jimmy's restaraunt on Sunday night and I'm helping him out with the karaoke side. I'm hoping to belt out some blues while hanging out with some of the worlds most extreme talent!! Maybe some of there talent will rub off on me ;)
So while many of you may be heading to town for the Winter X-Games you may find yourself with some extra time on your hands so I thought I'd pass along a few places that I have found to be worthy of my time and money and maybe you might find the same...
I was actually just in Aspen on Monday, to drop my Dad and cousin off for a week of ESPN/Winter X-Game workie-workie, and it was the perfect excuse for my Mom, Brother, Dad and I (Cousin Jacques` had to go right to work) to walk the cobblestone streets and take in the sights of town. Having been to Aspen a few times we've each discovered a few favorite places and this visit had us dining, at the suggestion of my Brother, at the eatery Poppycocks for breakfast. There location:

665 East Cooper Avenue, Aspen - (970) 925-1245

IT WAS DELICIOUS!! It was also moderately priced which is an added bonus for I've come to learn that price often goes up with the elevation :)
The breakfast menu had plenty to offer: Crepes, Pancakes, French Toast, Omelets, Eggs Benedict, Corn Beef Hash, etc... I had the Eggs Benedict, with avocado, and I couldn't have been happier! The diced potatoes were cooked just right and my coffee cup stayed full! Service came promptly and with a smile which just made the whole dining experience and A+!! Thanks Poppycocks!!
For those of you who think Aspen is only for the super duper wealthy you are mistaken! Now don't get me wrong... we all know Aspen ain't cheap BUT you can find deals if your willing to explore ;) Mom and I are thrifters and a favorite place of ours in Aspen is the Thrift Shop located at:

422 East Hopkins Avenue
Aspen, CO 81611-1908
(970) 925-3121

We've recently jumped in on the EBAY bandwagon and are always looking for that super sweet item that we can share with that person out there looking for it! This trip we found a few great vintage Obermeyer jackets for $5.00 each, a vintage Electric Knife Set for $1.00 and a few vintage and yet usable kitchen items for $1.00!! We just love authentic, well made stuff and that's what we found :) Many people think thrift stores are all filled with junk and I hope they keep thinking that because it just leaves more scores for moi! Either way tPoppycocks Cafe... GREAT BREAKFAST!!Poppycocks Cafe... GREAT BREAKFAST!!he store was packed with people shopping wisely AND donating there money to a fantastic cause.
We spent another hour or so walking around town checking out the many shops as well as taking in the snowy sights. Aspen has a little bit of something for everyone! Yes even you who though you might not fit in ;) If you have an opportunity to get to town for the X-Games this Thurs-Sun DO IT!!!! It is an awesome experience that will make the oldest folk feel like a youngster again! Flips, Spins and Jumps galore will be taking place and if you need a break you can just head into Aspen for some serious chill time. Come on out for the fun!!