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Aspen, Auden Schendler and the New Energy Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

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After nine years as the official environmental guru to the Aspen Ski Company, Auden Schendler made a startling discovery: Most of what he was doing was wrong – or ineffectual.

He even wrote a book, talking about his disappointment from “the trenches” with bio-diesel fuels and low energy light bulbs. And even other environmentalists.

Turns out they are toxic – and not too bright. The light bulbs, that is.

So Schendler came up with another solution: More of the same. Way more.

Schendler wants to take what he and the Aspen Ski Company are doing voluntarily and use the government to make the rest of us do that -- and more – by force.
Six years ago Al Gore said we had ten years to save the planet. Two years ago, Prince Charles said we had five years. Global warming, don’tcha know.

Either way time is too short for Schendler’s allies in Congress to save the planet. But if you are the kind of person who wonders why Al Gore and his global warming theories got a Nobel Prize for Peace instead of Science; or the kind of person who knows that traveling to a high-end resort is just about the biggest carbon-spewing activity that anyone could imagine but you do not care because you think it is all a crock; then your time frame is probably a bit longer. Let’s give Schendler and his worry warts a few more options to keep them busy ‘till Doomsday.

The Aspen Ski Company is proud of how its four mountains and two hotels are powered with wind energy generated far, far away. And they have the certificates to show for it.

In Algoreland, energy doesn’t arrive through power grids. It comes in the mail.

Aspen wind is just as good as anything blowing in Nebraska. Better. Let’s put up some windmills.

We all know there is no chance of that: Schendler and his enviros would stop them. And call you nasty names for your trouble.

And even if you could build them while the enviros were not paying attention, they’d get you on the backside by fighting anyone who tried to build transmission lines from the windmills. And call you nasty names.

Same with solar. They love it as long as you don’t build it near them and as long as the power can be moved around Star Trek-style without actual wires.

Same with the least expensive and most carbon-free energy out there: Nuclear.

If I am wrong, Schendler and his no-energy allies can tell me where in Colorado they would like to build the new wind, solar or nuclear power plants and how they will fight for power lines too.

All right here or near Aspen.

Hello? Hello? Anyone out there?

We’re waiting. But not holding our breathe. Though we probably should because, if Schendler and his buddies are right – just breathing out carbon dioxide is killing the planet.

Because if they can’t, some folks might just think these bulbs are not too bright.